20160415: Personal demons continue to tease… waiting to wash my clothes.

20160414 San Juan personal demons-9529
Yeah, the view from my door, laundry hanging in front of me, 2 of my courtyard co-habitants doing their clothes. 18-ish and very cute. I bet their doing wash by hand is one of the reason there are some many slender women around here. I know I take an hour easy and most of these women are out here for hours at a time, several days a week. I’m lucky if I go outside and sit in front of my door and one of these young ladies or their female friends come by, boyfriends in tow or playing. My sanity requires me to hide and bury my nose in my writing and editing.
Celibate 11 years….

20160414 San Juan personal demons-9526
The same morning, on the way to my CAFE, to work, this 20-something young lady came from across the street to enter the passage of the walk-thru RIGHT in front of me by about 10 feet. Count the squares, I am 20 feet back and you can see the other end of the 100 meters of walk-thru till the plaza, I may not have glasses on any more, unless needed….. cute butt, well I followed her thru with a smile of memories of my youth and the women I have chased,
and the old saying (yes, ladies you get the better deal in old age!)

60 goes into 20 less times than 20 goes into 60……
the numbers are of course years of age, Now you know why “Cougars” get away with it better than rich old men. I prefer experience in my women, myself. Lots more fun…

As she entered the sunlight, I figured a better lit shot was in order… any complaints? These are some of dozens, I see every time I walk out my door.

20160414 San Juan personal demons-9528

Like I said this place is dangerous…..

I clicked the shot anyway.

And translated a lot of  unneeded energy to lovingkindness energy to put out on my surroundings.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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