A Numbers Games, 3 photos, 14 years… 25,200?

Mark Twain said,

“Never argue with a person who buys ink by the barrel.”

To show how that works in a strange Cosmic Joke,

In 1994, I released 3 color slides for publishing as postcards, my payment, each postcard had “Photo by Peter E. Vanderhoof” on it.
In 2007, I left that county, the postcards were still on sale in the local stores.
14 years, since there was no commission to pay, Eastman Company in Northern Calif. had no reason to publish the postcard if they themselves were not making money.
The 3 photos are county historical building, one of the postcards is displayed below, The County Courthouse and the back of the postcard with my name on it.
Now, I stopped to think about the numbers of cards possible sold, I know that for years I watched them be sold around the county, I was Photo Editor at Feather Publishing.
I watched the 3 stores in my town of Quincy, each had a rack that would hold about 50 of each postcard. The racks would empty and be re-filled on a monthly basis.
Yes it was routine to see one almost empty and the be full a couple days later and a couple weeks later be almost empty. I did not do any market research in any of the other towns, only that of the 5 newspapers printed for the major towns, each had I think at least one rack there. Several local tourist stops also, sold the postcards.
So a bottom base figure of 50 postcard per each of the 3 photos. 150 per month, 1800 per year, 25,200 units sold by the time I left in 2007.
Add 9 more years, another 16,200 postcards out there with my name on it….a possible total of 41,400 units sold….. and like I said this is low end model.
Some day I may contact Eastman and find out what the REAL numbers are, lower? higher?
I practiced law for 11 years in THIS courthouse, 1993-2004, Pro Per. Then add that this is THE courthouse that informed me with torture, “I had no Human Rights any more.” That BEGAN in 2004, a year AFTER I tried to put felony charges on the very same judges who put felony charges on me in 2005. Since I did personally, involve the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003, these are war crimes and the USA will FACE ME in My CHOICE of Courtrooms. Not the accused choice.
………like I said, Cosmic Joke.
I guess Spirituality is the MORE POWERFUL FORCE…

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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