20160412: Fish dinner, and a moon shot!

20160412 San Juan fish-9215

Opps, I have been spotted with camera in hand……..

they responded…….

20160412 San Juan fish-9223

my amigos preparing the fish for cooking……

20160412 San Juan fish-9220

and later cooking process took us into the night. Chino watches over the fish

20160412 San Juan fish-9242FB


20160412 San Juan fish-9218FB

yeah, she loves the camera…….

20160412 San Juan fish-9222

20160412 San Juan fish-9224

yes, she wanted this shot of her laying down on the new bench, I put the board out earlier in the morning. All the above shots, except my first shots the little girl was telling me what to shot of her. copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016 all photos used.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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