Wanted Company In East Asia needing photography, a freighter ride, with my gear as part of payment.

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Dear Prospective Client,

20160421 Freighter ride update:

Hum, OK so a few weeks gone by. An offer of an HR department of a Cruise ship seeking any kind of employee. Not sure they read the Request.
Such amusing response of a life form that spends so much time Saying how great it is. That thinks “money” is more important than the human being holding on to that “money” and their ability to survive and live and reproduce.
I have spiritual tools, they show this planet is “DEAD Spiritually”, Religions have forbidden the spiritual practices of many humans. Murdered many of them to prevent the knowledge to pass from generation to generation.
How much of your “MONEY” can pass to the Spiritual Plane? With what do YOU BUY A GOD WITH? I will of course be in/on the Spiritual Plane to observe the transfer, and receive the “God’s OK” of your payment. So a Pre-payment display will be in your favor.
Again, I am looking to travel by “Freighter ship to the Far East area”, I will do photography work for the company in East Asia at their needed locations, as my talents can provide. Any contract will have a max time length of 12 months.

First Nations of the World may request my viewing and ‘recording if desired’ of THEIR SPIRITUAL RITES. First Nations will be expected to help me arrive at their locations with my gear, provide vegan food and shelter during my stay.

I do NOT do Weddings, Royal family stuff, Religions ceremonies, political party celebrations. Birthdays I do for friends only. I do my own “photojournalism” of some of these kinds of events for my own publishing or personal, If I so desire.
You may OF COURSE, CHECK MY SPIRITUAL resume with ANY SPIRITUAL BEING on the Spiritual Plane. I do not hide, as per my contract with your CREATOR and The “Energies” which created those kinds of CREATOR beings.
I can be contacted at:
or through, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…

The following Vanderhoof Photography Blog post is also offered:


20160408: Further comments on “freighter ride”…. Hum, those of you who think or call me crazy…. Please understand you are using “Physical Materialism Values”. I am using tools of the Spiritual Realm. You DO NOT HAVE ANY TOOLS TO MEASURE OR way to ACKNOWLEDGE those Spiritual tools on any PHYSICAL PLANE tool. Period.
If you call me crazy, you insult “CHRIST” by saying You personally can tell your “God” What It Can or CAN’T DO. Are you bigger than your god?
The USA crimmal system’s claim is to protect itself from war crimes charges I have on them, nothing more. Quite Illegal. They may deny those charges in A World Court, no less.
If you believe some government or doctor person who claims that they have studied my claims, They Have NOT. No one has ever spent time with me on the spiritual plane. No doctor has ever been in my personal presents to learn of my abilites, areas of study, records of personal experiments, nor any scientist. Since any doctor, who believes his small amount of training in a Materialism driven society is more INTELLIGENT, than looking at factual evidence or than a God, well, you Know my understanding of Insane.
If you believe you can measure a spiritual energy tool or Spiritual Energy, with Physical Plane Tools….. You have never even learned WHAT the Spiritual Plane is, which Governs the Physical Plane. You do not Dictate to the Spiritual Plane from a LOWER Physical Plane.
If you desire to see any of my tools I will be using, please examine them on the Spiritual Plane, any Spiritual Being, i.e. “Christ, Buddha, Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, ghosts….” will be happy to show you me on the spiritual plane. I am not allowed to hide while in the Spiritual Plane, or what I am on this Physical Plane.
Please, remember money is concept of human beings, it has no value to a “GOD”, why would it.
Gold and Silver, plants to make paper monies are ALL first of all, GOD CREATED. Why murder a planet to give them what they created?
What need of it do the “God’s” have. They create more any time they want.
You do not give Life to anything, you reproduce and make children, animals, plants, but the Life Force Energy in those life forms, be it human or virus, COMES FROM THE ENERGIES, i.e. “Gods”. Mana energy, Prime energy, Null energy. Those 3 in Pure form is Lovingkindness Inspiration energy, the desire to live. What do you on the physical plane that can measure/understand what is only understandable on the Spiritual plane, let alone observeable or measureable.
This planets energy is so poor, yeah, spiritually aware humans like me are needed,  I do not BELONG to any religion, or government (another name for religion), I can not become a religion, and Have no desire for anyone do so. My CREATOR’s contract with me will eliminate any such groups later, quickly.
Because the Rev 2:17 mark is “hears what the Spirit says to ALL churches”, I do not have to HIDE a TRUTH, because a religion does not want it told. I belong to no one and simply tell the truths.
I am here to help, of course I am aware of humans killing HELP, and demanding war. History is common in your actions.
The “Christ mark” is there, I hid it for 30 yrs, because it was considered an Insult to me. The religions that talk about that “God”, are many and the monies they collect, vast…. which one of Us, is materialism and which is spiritual.
You can measure the movement of an “Answer Crystal” which is the effect of Spiritual Energy, not the energy itself. You can measure the effect of prayers, but not the Energy in those prayers. Or the Energy in a “healing”. The effects you may be able to see, i.e. “a miracle”. Nope, I am not a miracle worker. Period.
You use electrical energy, you define it by “physical world/plane of existence, however that is not the energy itself, you are defining the effects. You CAN NOT PUT A JAR OF “ELECTRIC Energy” in front of someone, a battery that uses the laws of a physical plane to access that electical energy through a chemical reaction, whether or not the energy is present or the chemical reaction creates the flow is a debate worth a 1000 years. But again You are Not measuring the Spiritual Energy that makes the electricity possible. Even the measurements are of actions, so many volts, some amps, last some many hours. Measuring the action, not the energy it self. Nothing exists on this plane without the Spiritual plane knowing of it.
The Spiritual plane is Above or Dominate of the physical plane of existence, you being on the physical plane may NOT control the Spiritual on either plane EVER.
Argue with the CREATOR of this universe or any other universe, you lose that agrument fast. Oh, and Remember Gods being more enlightened, do not kill. They TEACH! As far as universes go, dear folks, what is outside of this universe? Even if it is Static, it is something of an energy or several energies. There most be something there, regardless of your ability to see, measure, explore.
War is for egos.
and personally, I am tired of being hit and broken for lies.
I am not a circus animal either… do not annoy me for demostrations. I have my work to do. The CREATOR wants a record of my personal Spiritual observations on this planet of as much as I can view in person, as well as my whole planet and solar system sampling. I like to sample flavors in areas, so like this freighter, speed is not my concern, nor the rich life style.
If you have a place you think is spiritually rich on the other hand, I would be interested in hearing of it, rural settings, of course are preferred. I am not here to VALIDATE any religions. Period.
I am standing up to whatever my future may bring.
If some fanatic decides to try and kill me, well, we will see what happens. I do have reflexes.
Because of the hells and horrors I have the possible contact with in my life, I can not suicide, which includes allowing someone to kill me physically or mentally with drugs. If my Spiritual toolbox supplies needed data, I will react with reflexes of the Spiritual level.


20160406: Just thought of that, I should update this post with a comment to make sure people understand it is the “freighter energy” both in the Pacific Ocean waters and energies coming from the freighters themselves, as they pass back and forth, that I want to sample.Whatever freighter I ride will only be a sampling energy base, to keep me feeling it, as I sample the energies in the Pacific Ocean, I may do this on the other oceans. I do not at this time need research ship energy samples.


I am an older photographer/artist/writer, traveling around doing work as needed or wanted/enjoyed.

I am currently seeking a company in the South East Asia area needing photography in that location, i.e. product, promotional.
I would like to cross the Pacific Ocean on your freighter from Mexico to whatever port your company needs me to do the work and of course after the job, I will be provided transportation to a reasonable size city with International airport service or connects to such a city, as part of the contract.
In return, using my 40+ yrs of experience in photography and printing, studying of and use of advertising skills will do my best to put forth your company’s needs in it’s best light possible.
I am willing to do 6 months to 12 months max, contractual work on a variety of issues, or possible temporary job.
I also will tender any photojournalism offers that help in this matter of crossing and recording the state of the Pacific Ocean in my own personal view.
My specialties include night photography and light painting, nature landscape is my personal focus, but as a Photo Editor of 6 weekly newspapers for 9 yrs. I can shoot just about anything, in my old age, shooting beautiful young women being sexy… is not high on my list. Corporation portraits of women looking professional is another matter.
I do not shoot Religious Ceremonies for pay, PERIOD. (If I choose to shoot a photojournalism story, that is my decision) Not accepting any offers for wedding, birthdays, church ceremony stuff, royal court affairs.
A church needing promotional work of say protraits or photographing the inside/outside of a Scared Site, to preserve it digital form for archives, that is acceptable work and shall be open to consideration.
I am spiritual, not religious. I do not belong to ANY religion.
I do shoot Spiritual events for FIRST NATIONS OF THE WORLD, their knowledge need, to be preserved if possible. Other tribal ceremonies may also be asked to be recorded for their historical preservation.
I am environmentalist, activist, so do not contact me, if you fear, me looking at the Pacific Ocean and recording the poor state of it’s health as I cross the Pacific Ocean.
I would rather see it up close than fly over it, unthinking. I will be also be looking at the spiritual tracks on the Ocean of human passing, and possible healing.
I am for the most part vegan, I eat eggs, milk products, some times chicken/fowl and fish. No other meats or oils and products from meat. Other wise most vegetables are acceptable and styles of cooking is fine, easy on chiles love the tastes not the fire. Thai curries are most enjoyable.
I would also hope the ship can provide me with some basic internet during the voyage so I can maintain my blogs, internet contacts and other simple online wants and needs. My programs will need Internet connections every other couple weeks to maintain “Cloud” apps, so any in field work, this issue will need to be discussed, Adobe limits customers disconnect time, basic business. I have not solved this yet.
Please respond with inquires to:


or through LinkedIn.com

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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