2016 Trona Photos & Words e-book publishing release May 2016

2016 Trona front

A special place, deep spiritual feeling here…..

2016 Trona Back

2016 Trona inside Back

“50 Photos of Calm” E-book publishing release in May 2016

2016 Calm Photos front

Announcing the SOON TO RELEASED e-book

Photography, words, publishing, by little “old” me……..


2016 Calm back

2016 Calm inside page

20160425: San Juan de los Lagos, sunset

20160425 San Juan post-9997

Yeah, just another courtyard sunset shot…. only one bird!


20160427: A Wave for sorrow…

20160421 midnight photo book-1831FB20160425 San Juan post-9996FB

20160425 San Juan post-9995-2FBYes, these are the roof puppies, being raised to sell for monies. Survival down here… I have seen 2 of these dogs dead because the responsible persons don’t pay any real big attention to them. This is the result of a society that lives by church rules folks…. you must pay the church money to be SAVED, or PRAYED for….. so life has no meaning, IN THE USA, THESE ARE THE PUPPY MILLS. So yes USA, you support this behavior in your own society.

I am spiritual, and this is the sadness I must endure of a planet so spiritually dead.

20160427: Fig point of view. Depth of field lesson.

3 photos for Depth of field “leading lines” photography demostration.

A simple example here, the fig tree in my courtyard.

20160425 San Juan post-9960FB

In this first photo, I have a deep depth of field. ISO 1000, f/9.0 75mm, 1/80sec. You see the bricks with fuzzy but understandable images. The eyes goes to that area and even with the Yellow fig highlighted in Lightroom a bit more that the natural light.You are distracted by everything happening in the photo.

20160425 San Juan post-9959-2FB
In the second one I have shorten the depth of field, ISO 1000, f/4.0, 75mm, 1/200sec. Hand held shot so slight rotation different also.

This my first shot, really, then the other for the post. As you can see the blur in the bricks, lets the mind see the bricks as you look down where the fig, but not enough detail to draw the eye’s attention. You now focus on the area of the fig which is detail in focus and the fig is the bright spot which draws you to it.. Leaves around the fig and dark branch, flow with the light on the brick wall leading you down the photo. I would most likely remove the small dark branch at the bottom of the fig, however, given the shading of the bricks, it would be a little work.

20160425 San Juan post-

But a fast job,  3rd photo and now the fig is almost isolated, in drawing your attention to it.

Photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160426: Hanging in there:

20160421 midnight photo book-8844FB

As a person who Has No One to depend on……

Yes, I do this daily….

and in 58 years, I see no reason to stop!

and yes, I do not have anyone I can rely on, call for help or any family members how are allowed to talk to me that have know me more that a few months…. not a friend in the world who could come to my aid.

I am sure there are jerks in the world who think I should do their “THING”, hence my shattered shoulder complements of the USA government in torture and those kind of people wanting to hurt or control me.


20160425: Full Moon with Clouds, San Juan de los Lagos

20160425 San Juan post-9975

Full moon, passing clouds, one of the people in my courtyard, knowing I was on the computer working, called me out for this, shot a few and back to work.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160426: Water in motion, shutter speeds.

20160426 Colorado Water motion post-0613FB

Here I have 3 simple shots to demonstrate how changing the shutter speed and yes, either a neutral density filter of changing the f/stop setting will also be necessary.


first shot ISO 100, 29mm, f/9.0 1/200sec shutter. stop action on the water, splashes are clear drops.

20160426 Colorado Water motion post-0542FB

2nd shot, ISO 100, 31mm, f/18 1/40sec shutter. The water shows motion but it is not smooth individual drops are blurry but present.

20160426 Colorado Water motion post-0543

3 shot, ISO 100, 30mm f/22 1/10 sec. smoothing out if the flows, all the individual drops blend.

20160426 Colorado Water motion post-0544FB

Next shots show why you want more than one shot taken when you do this.
ISO100,  20mm f/22 1/5sec.

ISO100, 20mm f/22 1/5sec.

ISO100, 20mm f/22 0.3sec.

Too each their own, but if you stop and look at the photos compare the bottom water flows, some are more interesting than others.

20160426 Colorado Water motion post-0615FB


20160426 Colorado Water motion post-0613FB

20160426 Colorado Water motion post-0616FB


Serious photographer, Day DREAMS

20160422 midnight photo book-8659FB

In London, walking around the streets last year….. Glad I did not give in and buy this beautiful piece of equipment. ah, 4×5 b/w memories…