Photographer with a long bloodline… past.

grandfater on mom's sideA

My grandfather, in his darkroom at Pepperdine Unv. where he taught.

grandfater on mom's sideB

I got this message from my sister through Facebook the other day……


I thought you might enjoy this picture I found of our grandfather, Hanson Arthur Williams, Mom’s dad, taken in the Pepperdine darkroom by our uncle, Hanson Arthur, Jr. They were both professional photographers, and our uncle taught photography at Pepperdine.

I met my sister for a reunion last Sept. 2015, we were separated in 1960.

I was removed from my mom’s home to live with a possible father.

My sister and a younger brother, who born after I was gone, have connected…..

bit weird, having family that loves and respects you all of a sudden at 58 yrs old.

But heck, I at least before I die, I know some one loved me FOR BEING ME!

Lovingkindness energy to all

Creative shooting,

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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