20160327: a message on pain….

2016 San Juan ZL-7743

My neighbors, my courtyard sharing families

I just to show this photo again……..

The little boy, yesterday came and asked me to play football with him and his dad.

Yesterday was a bad day for me, I slept wrong, some broken piece moved in my chest and, when I got to the Cafe, I realized I was going to be in pain all day.

I did my business and left and upon getting home, “Luis” (not his real name but what I know him as) the father, saw my pain as I was opening the door and we talked a bit. His son came over with a soccer ball in hand and started talking to me.

Yeah, the kid wanted me to play football with him and Dad.

I did. I stopped and put oil of oregano on my shoulder, and got back in there.

The pain of the day may have not disappeared, but

the laughs, the smiles, the happiness of the child, the father, and Me, did make the pain less.

Laughter is the BEST MEDICINE.

My thanks to this kid for taking my mind off the pain for a half hour or so.


Enjoy the thoughts.

Happy Easter.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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