20160314: more amusement on my “demons”… photos

20160314 San Juan cafe girls-8951

Yesterday, I posted this “demon”, she is what I am calling the younger of 2 sisters. As you can see she has worked this restaurant a while, that is lunch from down the street somewhere. Bringing it back. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

and here you see the backside of the older “sister”, and yeah, in the street out side, I am shooting from my table. Notice the walking traffic. Several women, it is a constant flow.

20160314 San Juan cafe girls-8955

Both of these ladies have the lighter brown hair and facial features of french bloodline, as a young boy, I fell in love with the french look, 2nd to South Pacific women. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

I am leaving the stone work in these photos, not a tight crop, because as you can see, with a shot of the afternoon waitress, standing in the sun, waiting for a customer…

20160314 San Juan cafe girls-8957

Afternoon shift. More my age and still cute. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

I have work on the balance of the wood flooring some, but kind of a nice set if I was doing some model work…..

and of course there are women like this co-ed who comes in to do some internet.

20160314 San Juan cafe girls-8958

A regular, she smiled and chatted a bit in my direction when she first came in but, now we play no attention other than hello. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

and this came in while I was shooting, I suspect she was also curious able the weird american photographer, I ducked behind my laptop a couple times when I looked and she was staring in my direction. And YES, a TV was on behind me, she could just be looking at the movement by me…. still a “demon”..

20160314 San Juan cafe girls-8954

She came in and sat down with a waitress for an hour or so….. which met she also got up and walked around a bit too. They are my personal “demons”, I am looking for a relationship, but it is hard to keep that in mind here! Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


OK, so my “demons”…….
I have a history of No woman every being in a relationship with me and me being able to trust her.
In a simple case, my ex-wife…… “married me because she knew she could easily get people to hurt. I am different.”
In an amusing case a woman became friends, then wanted to make more of it, was interested in sex. I ended up learning that if “she makes sexual comments to me, she is about to go “MANIC”. She is bi-polar, manic depression suffer. We are still friends 20 yrs. later, but have the rule of not talking sex. I do not allow myself to be physically around her for more than few hours. I have several times told her to go get her blood work done, she is talking sex again. emails will prove this true. I could call her and the next day she could be in a hospital. Can’t depend on her, Not an insult, just reality.

So many of the few women in my life EVER stayed more than a month or 2. If I was building a business, they wanted to play, if I was relaxing to recharge my creative being….. they wanted more money and me to work harder. Never in sync.
and yes, ever the gay men who tried to make passes at me where never in sync…. as artist, I am not prejudice against any gay person, and did not take offense at the passes after the first few. After all, if they want a loving relationship, THEY HAVE THE HUMAN RIGHT TO LOOK AND ASK. I talk to CREATOR, it’s not offended, IT is PROUD I stand up for All Beings.

and you Christians, Catholics…. in 1987, “CHRIST marked me as spiritually connected to the CREATOR, a decade after I stopped having any dislike or insult of a gay making a pass. In 1962, I told a vow to MY CREATOR, to never be a part of the Bible religions or it’s historical connected religions.Neither have changed to date. Nor have I EVER FOUND any evidence of a “SATAN’ or “DEVIL”.
So for me to be in a town FULL of Catholic and Christian women, with so such beauty around every street corner,
Yes, I am surrounded by “my demons”.
I did not take an oath, but in 2004, the realization, the physical injuries I received by illegal actions on the part of the USA government, it would be too hard on any woman to be in a relationship, and no I do NOT think a gay man would be any better.
I have tears leaking from my eyes several times a day.
I can hit the floor in pain at any moment, no reasons visual.
My shoulder and chest are destroyed. I guess a few years of surgery, and decades of rehab, something could be done. At 58 yrs. old, I am not stupid enough to think 25 yrs of doctors in a time when My body will be breaking down is worth it. and YES, the surgery would cause pain! and the torture pain memories will still exist.
So as you can see, I find a nice quite place to work on the internet, and in days, I find myself surrounded, by one of my personal favorites, French bloodline women (2nd favorite). I walk around town, and realize they are everywhere, Spanish, French, Native Tribal bloodlines, if you like skinny, they are here, if you like well fleshed women, you will find them walking around too.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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