20160224: Spinoff, Random Thoughts and Creative Wrought Blog begins!

“Random Thoughts & Creative Wrought” is a place for short stories, poems, ideas, and anything related to my world of being an “Artist”, photos can also be here but not as a “Main Feature”.
“CHAOS” stuff, “Artist” the poem from 2000, photos of my paintings, drum tapes or photos, even journal stuff. Personal Opinion pieces, like a letter from the editor column, just so much easier to keep a separate blog. I do the work offline, then drop in the stories and photos as needed.

I have and will continue to run Vanderhoof Photography it just will be more photography and less other the other stuff.


I just want a place to throw the stuff no one reads or cares about, but I want to post anyway…..


lovingkindness energy to everyone.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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