20160331: Spiderman fans… Sandman’s lair!

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Those of you who read or saw Spiderman movies may know Sandman.

Follow the curving hillside up and you will see the arms, his head is down, tired from fighting Spidey, as he enters his hideout in the caves of sand.
Red Rock Canyon, Mojave, Cailf. Weston Cliffs.

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Photographer with a long bloodline…..my past.

grandfater on mom's sideA

My grandfather, in his darkroom at Pepperdine Unv. where he taught.

grandfater on mom's sideB

I got this message from my sister through Facebook the other day……


I thought you might enjoy this picture I found of our grandfather, Hanson Arthur Williams, Mom’s dad, taken in the Pepperdine darkroom by our uncle, Hanson Arthur, Jr. They were both professional photographers, and our uncle taught photography at Pepperdine.

I met my sister for a reunion last Sept. 2015, we were separated in 1960.

I was removed from my mom’s home to live with a possible father.

My sister and a younger brother, who born after I was gone, have connected…..

bit weird, having family that loves and respects you all of a sudden at 58 yrs old.

But heck, I at least before I die, I know some one loved me FOR BEING ME!

Lovingkindness energy to all

Creative shooting,

20160328: my “Favorite demon”has legs.

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Came out of the Cafe, and saw my “Favorite demon” in a dress. Street photography and investigative reporter reflexes, eyes went to the legs, and hands to the camera. Still don’t know the why she attracts my eyes so much. But I keep my distance and hope she is happily married. I don’t know if I could fend her off if she ever showed interest in me. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

It is spring time, the long legged women and all the rest are coming out. I will street photography some one of these days. I am celibate do to the injuries to my chest and shoulder……24/7/365 pain, and the memory of my last girlfriend’s face after seeing scream in pain and fall to the side, As We WERE HAVING SEX.

Not something I every want to see again.

celibate, 11 years now.

Road Trip Time, new tires!

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My friends know, “Road Trip” and like a dog, I’m Ready!” See some new tires and mountains on the horizon. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016



20160327: a message on pain….

2016 San Juan ZL-7743

My neighbors, my courtyard sharing families

I just to show this photo again……..

The little boy, yesterday came and asked me to play football with him and his dad.

Yesterday was a bad day for me, I slept wrong, some broken piece moved in my chest and, when I got to the Cafe, I realized I was going to be in pain all day.

I did my business and left and upon getting home, “Luis” (not his real name but what I know him as) the father, saw my pain as I was opening the door and we talked a bit. His son came over with a soccer ball in hand and started talking to me.

Yeah, the kid wanted me to play football with him and Dad.

I did. I stopped and put oil of oregano on my shoulder, and got back in there.

The pain of the day may have not disappeared, but

the laughs, the smiles, the happiness of the child, the father, and Me, did make the pain less.

Laughter is the BEST MEDICINE.

My thanks to this kid for taking my mind off the pain for a half hour or so.


Enjoy the thoughts.

Happy Easter.

20160326: For the guys, dusty Work shop.

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OK, guys, the wife is giving you a bad time about your workshop. Show her this, you could be worse if you tried. Smiles & laughter to all. Lovingkindness energy to all. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160326: some Bodie shots,

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Bodie Ghost Town, in Middle Calif, just north of Mono Lake. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

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A trick is to get there early, when the gates open. Then watch where those people go and go else where. As they finish an area, you can shoot photos without tourists in them. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

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