20160215: SPIRITUAL Payment accepted. San Juan de los Lagos with a smile.

FB_notice of Spiritual Profit!_FB

I must award myself something for this, so the FaceBook meme gets a post too. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


hah, as I thought, Joe calls his son and daughter regularly. So he told them and they saw it online as they were talking.
Joe has not seen them in 10 years. It was that long ago was the last photos were sent.
So, not a big deal of any measure, just as I suspected, while still a spiritual thing for me. Not worth mention beyond that.
We had fun talking and taking some photos for his children, this is Joe.

20160218 San Juan Lagos-8217

I will not have a story to chase, this is for the most part a closing.
I will talk and transfer messages a little while for Joe and his kids, it touches my heart at least.
It was a good feeling to help parent and child connect in some way.

As for where I go next, who knows? They don’t buy my kind of photography here, yes I found a shop for photo prints. I don’t do religious stuff, that is pretty much all that sells here.
Nope, services as artist/photographer teacher is out. Only churches have schools, I don’t do religious.

I would prefer a Buddhist or other not Bible or Muslin country.
I am however, wondering how many pesos in scrap metal my cameras might bright. If some one found it on the street, chances are they would Not know what it was. Let alone use one.
I have not seen a single postcard shop or stand. Photos on a plastic horse, yes a couple of those venders. No, you do not see people taking USA tourist pictures, or trying to buy them.

OK, so I did the meme for Facebook, but as a publisher of a blog I also had to put the story up on this blog itself.
Think of it???
200 readers on a great day. I’m so tiny a publisher, doing my thing since 1974… always listening to the comments of the “Pulitzer Prize Story”, knowing that a one man outfit doesn’t get awards, Public Awards. No profit for the Awarding people to reap.
Well, I am in San Juan de los Lagos, Jal. Mexico. A place I ended up in by chance, literally, letting pieces fall as they may, and pushing forward on the dream of keeping my Vanderhoof Photography business alive. Met “Joe” on the street of an exploring trip.
The reader and his daughter, as far as I know is living in the USA, “Joe” lived in the San Francisco area and left 5 or more years ago, to move back here.
So by a rough guess, coming from So. Ca. myself, straight line, that is about 3000 miles distance for the story to have traveled.
With only 200 readers on a GREAT DAY, a normal day is nearer to 100 of VP blog and LinkedIn repost visit numbers together. My Blog by it self alone did 148 in one day.
So, yes as a person who has calls myself a publisher since 1974,  I got the “Grand Prize”,
“SPIRITUAL Payment” check.
To have and BE a Part of a story that touches two hearts, here a father and daughter, found by a simple story, is by far the most tear jerking, heart warming thing this Old man can have happen!
It’s a multi part story/ blog post, HOT OFF THE PRESSES!, as it is happening… oh my god????
or a Real Dud, the guy ran on parole or something that cools it’s jets fast… Yes, we both relate to having been in prison.
But I get a story just the same on the first shot. Even if it is a “government troll”, I speak out, they will get exposed, a different story.
and a tear jerking memory for the rest of my life…
what a payment to an old worn and tired heart and soul, my thanks to “THE CREATOR”.
As for you blog publishers, hang in there, hit the beats, make the run for the extra effort. Who knows when a muse will drop in to visit, 4 yrs now, posting what I can, when I can, where I can.
Now, a  BEAUTIFUL memory, easy to recall, happy to die knowing ” I DID IT!”

But tomorrow? Maybe my 100 hits a post will be come a 1000 hits. Maybe, my next stop, job offer to visit and shoot some of my images for them somewhere new in the world.

It takes money to run my gear and sites, food and travel expenses. I have a “DONATE BUTTON”, if you enjoy my story, think I might help someone, some where else in the world, make a donation. If you have a place you would like me to visit, put it in my Comments, or email me. Australia, South East Asia would be nice to shoot Native, rural and landscape images for a little while.

I don’t make promises of miracles, but my energy pattern is me, so it comes with me and effects all in it’s touch.

I went over, but Joe is not home. I will post again tonight some street scenes of San Juan Lagos, and any updates on the email and Joe.
Always a spiritual journey, lovingkindness energy to all.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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