20 minutes, 3 shots, Rembrandt skies to Monet skies!!!

2016 San Juan Lagos-8005

While the last shot, hand held 1/13 sec, f/11 ISO400. If is a wonderful shot as I spent time painting years ago, classical lines so clear to my eyes… hope you enjoy the view! Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

However, just before I crossed the river for that shot,

2016 San Juan Lagos-8002

Monet skies!!! Yes, I would have to change this to a artistic vision to make the building more “Monet-ish”… but oh my, the fun. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

Of course, being a landscape photographer, I grabbed this shot as I was walking between the 2 shots,

2016 San Juan Lagos-8003

Only a tiny piece of buildings, I was watching this build and trying to get something in front of it. These trees work nicely, both clouds and tree branches flow across the photo. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

However just in case you think this walk was easy,

2016 San Juan Lagos-7988

Yeah, I went up to find a sunset, then back down to find something to put in front of the skies. I get my mountain climbing workout here easy. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

This is some of what I saw building of local events… I am on top of the hill about the city.

2016 San Juan Lagos-7993

In this shot you can see the tourist buses, as things are happening all weekend long. The riverbed, graded flat is also a parking area. Trucks of people, trailers with horses…

Couple of notes, this is a Mexican tourist town, yes there is sewage in the streams, and you smell it in parts of town or as the wind shifts. Toilet paper is put in trash containers after use. So streams are not littered with paper. But as Joe told me of his 2nd house, the bathroom of the house is connected downhill to the next house and so on till there is a channel to a stream or a stream. I recommend carrying a small roll of TP in your camera bag. (nature photographer standard). Walking around town it is clean and decent, you are not going to be aware of that most of the time. Even the courtyard of my peasant level home is clean, non offensive to walk into.


Any man would comes here with a woman that will hit him for glancing at another woman…….

Your hospital bills are your PROBLEM!

Spanish blood, Native Tribes blood, and just to make sure no one is safe, French Blood!!!

I do not shot people a lot, I also do not chase any relationship so I can be free to chase my ART…

My neck hurts……… way too many beautiful women here.

Any style, and as a photographer, yes, I see lots of beautiful styles even if my flavor is not present.

so yes, I may post a face or 2 just because she rocked my eye…



All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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