Street life of San Juan de los Lagos…

2016 San Juan Lagos-7795

Still shooting from the hip in the crowds. Don’t want pan-handling tagging me around. And not into freaking people out.

2016 San Juan Lagos-7796

Wens. afternoon and the streets are busy… at night it can be even more…2016 San Juan Lagos-7794

yes, you can get lost in the kilometer after kilometer of stands and carts.

2016 San Juan Lagos-7755

Senora Mica, her daughter, grand children work a couple of small spot stands here on the plaza. Wens. to Sun. 7pm to past midnight if business is good.

I also want to point out that streets with a climb, are very common…

2016 San Juan Lagos-7535.jpg

Look at the right side, the door past the blue door. I would be worried any time a friend who drank came over!!!!!

2016 San Juan Lagos-7670.jpg

castle anyone????

2016 San Juan Lagos-7722

2016 San Juan Lagos-7626



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