More sunset clouds, and BIRDS!

2016 San Juan Lagos-7924

This is the nightly flocks coming in to roost for the night. My Joe invited me up to the roof of his place. These are the sights every evening as the birds flock. all across the city.

2016 San Juan Lagos-7922

We came up for the view, this is the church copula as the sun set… the pigeons start flying circles over the tops of buildings, then a variety of birds start flocking in the trees.

The sunset photos are looking up at Joe’s place.

2016 San Juan Lagos-7899

right across the street…

2016 San Juan Lagos-7877

After weeks of blue skies, the past 2 days of clouds and their play in the sky, hours walking the city.

2016 San Juan Lagos-7934

As we got ready to leave Joe’s roof top, the double spires of my local church standing tall… beautiful sunset gracing the sky.

and a few more street scenes.

Oh, my cousin wanted to know about hotels, so I will post the hotel row shots when I get some… a decent looking hotel just off the plaza wants 300 to 400 peso a night, from what I have seen. 16 peso to the dollar so 100 peso is about $6… so $18 to $24 or so??

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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