2016 San Juan de los Lagos, new home… who’s more curious???

2016 San Juan ZL-7731

Yes, this is just a couple of the children in my courtyard. The steps that lead out to the street are next to the fire used to cook. So the steps are common place to sit and talk, children and adults. I am outside, at the opening of my room, leaning on my freezer to take these shots.

The Little girl in the center is the child of the English speaking man, who acts as interpreter for me. She is not afraid of the camera, rather playing and posing some if I point the camera in her direction too long.

2016 San Juan ZL-7523

2016 San Juan ZL-7592
Not quite sure, but at least 5 to 6 families live in this courtyard.

2016 San Juan ZL-7531
2 or 3 families with children, so yes, I get a question from a child, in Spanish, I reply best I can. Which is often my smiling and being silly in the case of a couple of them, a couple of repeat offenders. Nope, not even close to learning all these people’s names.

2016 San Juan ZL-7743
The others are getting use to me with a camera in hand. I walk around town with gear on too, politely not shooting people too much, but letting the merchants and town get use to me.
I plan on being here 6 months at least.

2016 San Juan ZL-7533

2016 San Juan ZL-7527

Several locations within an hour or 3 of me by driving are also of interest to shoot. I have offers for meals, outing around town to see sights, and offers to show me the area’s mountains, nature stuff.

Night time fun and walking around during the day…..

Was in my room working on the offline work for this post, came out to stretch and ended up eating a couple fresh ceviche tacos. Been involved in 3 birthday parties, by being in the area and amusing to the children. Some quick photos, laugh and enjoy.

In the courtyard, I was helping George work on something he is trying to do. I got told to stop and go over, these teenage girls wanted to ask me questions. I laughed and went over, the girls realized they had no way to ask questions… I ran and got my phone, showed them how to use/change the spanish to english for their questions and I could use the english to spanish back. We talked maybe 15 minutes and I showed some of my photos.

2016 San Juan ZL-7736
While this has the european type charm to some extent, I am told of other places near here, with even more european charm and look.
Fresh tortillas deliver scooter comes by noon to 1:30ish, “Pan” bread cart comes through about 3 to 5pmish. A tiny corner market a couple doors down has milk, eggs, cheese, breads, loaf and mexican. The other end of the block has another tiny market. Everywhere a door off the street opens to tiny stores and Huge stores, walk ups and walk downs. Propane delivery in pick-up trucks, bottles of water, (sparklett’s 5 gallon bottles empties exchanged for full ones, not sure of their source, obvious not much sanitary over standard water. duct tape to seal bottles, if sealed at all.) While I have not had any problems, good solid camping gut so far. The women wash clothes in the sink where I get my water, so it is boiled or filtered, matter of sanity. I had been drinking the water for 2 days, when I came out in the morning and the faucet was buried in wet dirty clothes. That was almost ago, and not a problem…. just my humor and patience working over time.
Internet company said it would a week maybe 2, before the company could hook up my internet service. Company is in repairs to system, very nice people, but I let Senorita Mica know it was OK and the representatives for the company understood, I would be OK with what they could do. And that I would look around, not expecting much else. The lady gave us a dsl modem as she was worried they might not have them in a week or so. Supply line issues, Welcome to the computer age, heh.
Getting on local time however is different, I have been here about 2 weeks, and the number of times I have been told in a few minutes we would do something and that few minutes turns into tomorrow… Life in the small town of Quincy, was similar, but whoa! Things slow way down, still trying to get the landlord to understand I need to Upload on internet from my computer. Everyone keeps talking about cable for movies or the internet cafe. Don’t get it that I shoot photos and put MY PHOTOs on the internet “For Sale”. And of course, then they think of Facebook. Free photos???
Well at least I found a coffee shop with it’s own internet wi-fi, so my Adobe programs reset again and as you can see I can post. But for me too upload printing files, not many if any at this point.
Still working on my “hip shooting street photography”, I use manual so much and the scenes vary, night shots specially, can’t see the marks on the lens and often moving too fast for the shutter speed…. collection of blurs??

2016 San Juan Lagos-7799
Walking these streets is not for the timid, or out of shape. But the twists and turns, the variety of shapes of houses, the amusing paint jobs…. yes, I tried to show this street, the angle of climb… there are barricades top and bottom to keep cars off it… George says the empty building at the top of the street is tilting like the Tower of Pisa.

2016 San Juan ZL-7739
This is the car of Senora Micaela, 1st we were going to move it out of the way to get my trailer off the street. Then I had to help find all the parts and let her know what was missing. Not sure how long it has being worked on…….

2016 San Juan ZL-7726

But the spider webs, and dust might give an idea…..

OK, so then I had to drive it out to the street and she then wanted it driven to a mechanic about 8 blocks away.

Opps, the trail of fluid showed that was not going to happen. I found an internet connection in this coffee shop. Downloaded some repair manuals and went back to hunting for a clue.

Power steering and Transmission cooler were connected, Not Right. But easy to fix.

Waiting to see if I still have to drive it to a mechanic to finish fixing it.


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