20160110, Made it 800+ miles! “Mad Max vehicle…


Yes, the cops on the right side did give a few SECOND looks, almost 900 miles later, I’m in Aguacalientes, Mexico. I MADE IT!!!


Close up, the truck runs, if I replace the plastic film with the plexigalss, I can see out the side view better. A better mirror too, not much choice in the store, but it did the job.

Yeah, this is my truck, after it made it almost 900 miles, the map said 820 or so, but hey, I got lost and went did differently after hitting about the 4th toll of the day, anywhere from 32 pesos to 192 pesos a stop. And sometimes I was charged for the trailer and sometimes not. The other hwy kept crossing back and forth the toll road, so only a few times did I go far around what I thought was right.

I got asked for permission papers a few times. Explained I did the repairs, where I was going, and lost. We would talk a bit, and they would let me go. At one point an officer brought another officer, his partner and asked again about permission papers. Then explained to his partner, something, I caught on that he was telling the partner that I did not understand what was asked for. We smiled and talked, this was Aguacalientes. I asked if they knew of a hotel/motel not too expensive that I could stay at with my stuff and work on the trailer load and make it more secure. Here I am at the Cityexpress Hotel they told me about.

They saw the printouts of the map to where I was to have a house, I explained someone was in it and I had to call the owner in Calif. USA. That was when I got them to help me find a secure inexpensive hotel. I’m paying {$50} 799 pesos. Not bad, I did some place for less, in a my driving around Aguacalientes.

Mexico does not have many places for some one to pull over and rest or work on a vehicle, I made several circles around town and left it after the police told me I could not park in one spot I thought no one would care at. They showed up in like 10 minutes and I OK, I will. They came back in a couple minutes….. I moved on without the repairs to keep the tire from rubbing. Don’t want trouble, and with my connection for the house being a friend of the police, she said local chief of police, I am better being polite FAST, and let them know I’m OK later.

sunrise 20160108_MG_7237

Sunrise on the morning of the 8th of Jan. Stopped for a few and watched the sunrise. Yes, driving at night, considering what the truck looked like was a little safer at night.


Sunset on the 9th of Jan. I am at a hotel. It has been clear skies most of the 900 miles, but Very Windy! I was getting 15 mpg, and only going 45-50 mph most of the way. Normal is 20-21mpg.

In the photo above, you can kind of see the load on the trailer shifted backwards.

When I photographing the truck, yep security can over and asked if I had permission……. My truck Sir!!  He waved his hand at the background and said I needed permission to photograph. I explained I was pro photographer, if the hotel did not want free advertising on my blog post I would leave the name and most of the hotel out of the photos. He was happy with that, and left me to shoot the truck shots. So sorry I am only making a quick note on where and nothing of the building which IDs it.


The tire marks, slowly moving backwards, when I used my jack to push it in, it was more up and back of a push. There was only one place I could make the jack work…. but each time it was OK, till the roads got rough again, pot holes are bad most places, and speed bumps of major size are all over the places!!! You are doing 45-50 mph, 60-80-kph and suddenly there are speed bumps!!! yes sometimes you were warned 100 meters before the speed bump.

As you can see the tire rubbing was not bad, per say…… it was a SQUEEKY noise and that made everyone look! Not good.

So I was out of Juarez by a few hours, had crossed a couple of check points, been seen by the police as I was driving by. Stopped and talked to a police or two at the check points. But that night I got stopped on the highway by the Federal police. The officer was laughing so hard at my trailer, like I said no places to turn off easy, so I first pulled over in the grass and then realized I would have trouble and keep going a little and saw a pull out. So he first look at how low to the ground the back was!!! I explained the situation to him and he let me go.

OK, so I had not been stopped by the military yet, but had seen them all over checking the North bound traffic.


The back of the trailer, as you can see, it is shifting back and breaking all the “clothes line”, the tarp is shredding from the wind and I am adding as possible to keep it together……..

And yes, I did get pulled over By the Military……


the front of the trailer, yeah it’s a mess of ropes/strings holding things here too. WHEN IN MEXICO…Bring Your OWN ROPES!!!! and extras….

But they too, listened to me, laughed at the mess, and let me go on my way.

No one demanded a bribe……. if they asked, in some way of being hidden I never saw it enough to respond with any money. I shook a lot of hands, smiled and had papers ready.

The roads were fun, I saw a few “GREAT SHOTS”, but because the truck is not lockable, my gear never secure, I did not show myself as a pro photographer, I did not show my equipment, and I spoke of being financially devastated from the accident.

Sure, I played the compassion card folks and I was not afraid to let myself be guided by my Creator. If this is where it wanted me, it would get me there.

I am here, and LOVED THE RIDE, what a taste of life! What flavor, what a challenge to live.

Today, I will put the trailer together better, the hotel says there is a shopping mall a mile or less away. Hopefully, my friend, will make the connections so that I will know where I am going tomorrow!!!


So battered and bruised but NOT BEATEN, we, my truck, the business and I made it this far.

I hope this INSPIRES OTHERS TO reach out to adventure in THEIR LIVES!!!

I do not know where I will move to from Mexico, but If it is too hard to get photos here, permission please!, that I may just move on in a few months.

Till then, I will enjoy the new atmosphere and landscape!!!

STAY TUNED, there is more to the story.

of last night as I went out, missed the really nice shoot but the colors were great for a few minutes……..


underexposed for the colors in the sky, the red was better but I missed it by about 5 minutes.

UPDATE 20160110 1020 hrs: I have decided to go to the ranch, my truck and trailer need to get off the streets. The house in Aguacalientes will not give me that option. I would be parking on the street outside the house. So a quick change, and maybe for the better specially at this point, the ranch is most likely room to hide the truck and in bus or walking or my bike, I have it and all the parts seem there. But till I put it back together, who knows. Anyway, fixing the trailer to go the final hour to the ranch, and a safer place for what I have left.


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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