20160106, Tomorrow I go forward.

Well, it’s Wens., and while I have most everything packed and the weather is not bad.

Spotty showers, bits of sunshine……. I decided to stay another day.

It has been 11 days since the accident, I have made the repairs and am getting ready to hit the road, and I am wore out……..

So tonight, no not partying, but looking at maps and relaxing, instead of rushing out of here today.

The trailer tire held all night just find. So if I keep an eye on it, it will make the trip.

While it is a bit much the trailer still has half the weight it had before.

I can get a big tarp at the Soriana  store and wrap everything up for the last 800 miles.

I will have my cameras ready, as this is going to be interesting, specially past Chihuahua. Mostly canyon country and with all this weather, I should see a few wonderful sights.

I still have my Zenfolio site and this one to sell through, so I am exploring new ground here.

Not sure how often I will be online till I get set up in Aguacalientes. But I will post of photos when I can.

I hope that those few of you that are reading this, enjoy the face that yes, you can go out in the world and try to do it for yourselves.

Enjoy the flavor of life as it is Served up! Fresh and Spicy!

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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