20160105, rain storm and coffee…


my kitchen, yep, there it is…. the Thermos Stainless Steel french press and MSR cook stove, with tea pot. Note food supply bottles of meal supplement powder. Each large bottle equals 10 to 14 days of food. Not too bad for spread all over the hwy. See stuff in the mirror going to the door.

So here I am, sitting with my coffee, listening to the rain fall.

Earlier in the morning, 4amish it was heavy.

Yesterday, I took longer than planned on the windshield, more in the sense that I was tired and fell asleep and woke up after 7pm.

Just never got it going again, so today I have all the packing to do.

I will just pay for another day. Take some time at it.

Relax a bit and get ready.

Possible clearing in the storms tomorrow.

Oh, yes that is the GSI Outdoors coffee bean HAND grinder on top of the french press, takes 2-3 minutes to grinder enough, but it does have adjustable setting, so coarse or fine, it does it.

Also checked the amp real quick, 800 miles to Aguacalienties. So like I say, 2- 3 days, depending on roads and weather.

One of the tires on the trailer, the scraped side one, had rocks in the bead and was leaking air. I removed the wheel, but was able to clean the bead out out myself, instead of taking it to a garage/tire shop. Will have to check it’s air regularly.

But otherwise yes, I am packing things up with the hopes to be one the road tomorrow.

Near 4pm, still packing it up. Rain off and on most the day. Not too bad. I hope tomorrow is OK.

Found one of my bottles of Turmeric, I can start building it up in my body again…. pain relief. chest, shoulder and arm are in pain, lots of hard work bending things back in place and carrying stuff. Old war wounds and cold weather, just another old man pain in the butt deal. Smile AND deal with it.


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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