20160104, We have windshield material!!!!


Mad Max vehicle No.2

5:30pm and I have enough done to say, “Damn Good Job!” may not go fast, but I’ll get there.


WIPERS WORK!!! just tried them…. got to finish installing but it will work. sheets are still covered to protect them, but the 1st sheet works  so far. so I will put the rest in the trailer and secure this sheet. It’s a Go!!!

OK, quick update, photos will follow… 2:20pm here are some photos….

from this,



to making some surgical cuts to hold it in place….. yeah, my hack saw made it. so did some weatherstripping.


coffee break, side 2 cuts started.


It is noon, the weather is getting a bit windy and cloudy as expected.

Mexico weather said sun today, USA said storms, I banked on the storms and got to the plastic company, 1736 pesos for a piece 1/4 inch thick (their thin-est clear) and cut into 2 pieces 6ft by 2ft and a piece 4ft by 2ft. At 17.18 peso per dollar, the sheet cost about $10 and a 2 mile walk back with it.

However I did get back in time for the free breakfast, so a quick break and I am going down to figure it out.

I’ll shot some photos, started loading the trailer and built the 2x10x6ft board with the tail lights on it. wrap up what ever is left on the trailer and then hang the lights.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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