20160103, Making of a Mad Max vehicle….

UPDATE: LATER in the afternoon;


there it is, the trailer is ready to hook up.

also for the multi-hull sailors in the crowd,

see the nose is very clean, I kept the nose up! no pitch poling!!!


not even the turn lens is broken…..


Hi all, _MG_7185

yeah, this the side that did the SLIDE!!!!


shot the other day, here is a close up,

close up of metal edges_img7176

see the sharp edge off the roof, door will not open again or if open ain’t going gt it closed!!!!

_MG_7191blurtrailer hitch way too wrong an angle to work…… we were laughing, 1st turn and the trailer goes straight while the truck turns………


an assortment of tools. Note the Broken pipe wrench…….. ball is straighter, but I broke the pipe wrench. An employee, then brought a pick axe and we did some more…..


Now, i can attach the trailer and pull it.

Not pretty, but for a repair in a hotel parking lot and make shift tools.

The job is done and now I worked on the front of the trailer….


the lift part will bolt on, the hitch part seems fine. New lights and the chain, we are set to put it together.

Weather may be bad tomorrow, but I HAVE my snow gear, so I can get to the plexi-glass, Mica, place walking tomorrow.

As you can see, all by myself, yes I am doing it, making connections, getting help, dealing with the day to day……. no problem with mental issues here. “Oh my….. the world is collapsing. Where are my friends???”

They were not there before HOLDING MY HAND and yes, I do not need the hand holding NOW.

Sure it would be nice if my son was involved even from a distance, or some more persons were making comment to me than are.

But if I want to Inspire, the poor people in the world……

what better way than to STAND UP BY MYSELF????

This is not ANY KIND OF GREAT ADVENTURE, by media standards……

but in a world of people AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS.

I do represent something I BELIEVE IN.

and make a STAND for it.

Go live life people, stop asking the media to entertain you.

by the way inside the cab……


see, I still have head room, 😉

and with stuff all over and no locks, so Yes, I am not showing the location on purpose. I don’t want scavengers digging around when I’m not looking.

also not doing street photography, don’t want to attract attention to my gear. Keeping the maids out too.


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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