Ah, progress, 20151230….

madMax3_MG_7176Well, I must say those shows of people kicking windshields out with a single kick……… didn’t have the glue job my windshield has…….

Anyway, this blog is paid up for another year!!!!

special note at bottom on my portable typewriter survival!!!

So is the Zenfolio site and my Adobe Creative Suite…….

keeping the business alive folks……..

here are some photos of my truck going through the “MAD MAX” conversion….madMax2_MG_7178


and also,

From the Lighter side of life,


yes, this is My old portable typewriter, bought second hand in a Thrift shop years ago………. it survived, however, I must show the clasp… it has always been missing!!!!


so guess what???? inside……..



and of course I must show the MOST WRITER BLOCK REMOVER, I have ever had…. note the cut marks in the “A” key and others…..

It took me a little while to realize, MY FINGER NAILS FIT THE MARKS….


Sorry you people of the throw away generation, will not understand the feeling of resting my hands on those keys and just meditating into all the years and miles of sheets of paper that were typed on THIS MACHINE TO MAKE THOSE MARKS………. however the ribbons are lost, so I have to find new ones,  did it 15 years ago……. might be around still.

oh but the FEEL OF THOSE KEYS…………

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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