Disclaimer, why should I care???

family me 2ishFB

that’s me in the short and suspenders, about 2 years old. The brothers and sister I would leave behind, not even memories…..

I just want to say that I taught my son a simple rule……..

If you DO NOT CARE about other people, You have NO RIGHT to expect them to CARE ABOUT YOU.

I am in a few days short 59 years alive on the planet. Jan 15th is my birthday.

I have been trying to live my own life, my only real message is the same as so many of the RELIGIONS & SPIRITUAL PRACTICES.

We are All one FAMILY, ONE PLANET.

I can successfully say, No one has taken the Time to listen to MY OPINION OF MY LIFE.

OK, fine no one knows sh!! about the REAL me.

So far to date, you as a race have said “We do Not Care About Others!”

Therefore, given my claims and demonstrations of spiritual Knowledge, why should anything or anyone with those abilities “Give A Damn!” about any of you???

Simple disclaimer, The CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE YOU EXIST IN said, “It will be their fault.”

Me, just a 2 bit artist….. doing my thing to record the world that my body exists in and enjoy the various beautiful elements to view, created by a CREATOR.

No desire to have followers, just people who like my art.

History will show, every time some one talked of religion of my belief system. I moved on, dropped the subject. Even left the friendship.

If you do not care for me as a human being? Why should I care if I am some HOW apply to be something more????

What do you offer in SPIRITUAL PAY???

Remember, I have the Rev. 2:17 mark from the Bible…… “CHRIST” personal mark for those of those religions.

and the ones most challenging my rights……..


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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