20151229 – I have stuff… digging through the remains

See, I just want to let anyone paying attention,

1700hrs update: have moved a lot up to my room to sort tonight. Got trailer ball and light system. Looks like only one painting survived. Product table may be all there, most at least. More light stands, one shoot thru umbrella…… some more bits and pieces. But it looks as if I am moving in a forward direction. Got a bank around the corner, so I changed money. Walked into the town to find the auto parts store.

YES, I do feel very much alive…….. sure shit could happen. But remember folks, back in Calif. the government and len & family don’t like me BEING ME. So the excitement of new surroundings, a NEW adventure and yes both gangs and police to worry about. At least I feel as if I have an even chance.

I do not walk in fear!!! However , YES I WALK with Awareness of my surroundings. And have walked in many a dangerous place. So while I am not foolish, neither do I show the surrounding scared fear energy.

My electric coffee pot and grinder are dead. But I have both of my hand crank grinders, one a mill for grain really, but does coffee. The other a camping hand grinder, just for nuts like me who want fresh coffee while camping. Of course the Stainless steel French Press by Thermos is working just fine making me coffee in my room. Mexico, no in room coffee at this place.

Both tripods are SAFE! and undamaged, Martins and Acratech heads are fine also. So my night photography is safe, I can keep shooting. I have a post on the Field trials of my tripod system yet to do. I make my Gitzo do some weird set ups to get my shots. So it will be an interesting review. I shot a lot of cell phone photos of the tripod in action!!!! In the field working and what I had to do to get a shot. A GITZO GT 2531EX and now a ACRATECH VG2 Gimball head. My shooting buddy in Calif just bought the same tripod after watch me do things for the past year……

that I have found my studio lights, a matching set of light stands and 5500k 100w bulbs, and a couple of backdrops……. see I still have a mini studio.

And the motel employees are laughing with me at my mess. Helping getting rid of bulky stuff or trash.

Even a sheet of plexiglass to make a windshield, one employee said he would get for me. Saw the truck cab, understands Never getting a windshield in that mess. But if I screw on the plexiglass the wipers will work on it. And it might look OK to the cops.

so yes, I am still creating my exit……..

I am artist, too damn crazy to stop and lay down dead while a thought beats in my body.

Lovingkindness energy to all.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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