On the road, ….opps all over it.

TRUCK at motel_MG_7164FB

pile of stuff and the truck. The truck ran this morning. I got 2 months of food, and a little money. Cameras and computer survived……..studio equipment and printer are dead or lost. some will be salvaged, backdrops can be washed, some lights survived, but………

Well, for those of you that have followed any of my adventures this year,

In January 1, 2015, I officially started Vanderhoof Photography.

By March, my ex-dad had reduced me to maybe 5% of my time on doing my business.

I was his nurse-maid-butler-traveling companion, AS FAR AS HE WAS CONCERNED.

I had no life there.

It was the same as my life in the prison system.

I am now in Mexico, my overloaded truck and the overloaded trailer wrecked when I lost control in the wet weather.

Some of you may have noticed I am an optimist.

So I am in a motel room, my truck and some of the stuff and a wheels and bottom frame of the trailer, yes they towed it here, are here too.

I am sorting it out and going on to the house further south of here I can live for 6 months to a year in. Rent paid already.

I am short of money, but a bit crafty, as a youth I was training to sail SINGLE HANDED ACROSS THE OCEANS in racing of multihull boats.

So I have a couple of days travel to the house and I am jury rigging the truck and maybe the trailer to continue on.

My cameras and laptop were in the truck and so far so good. Have not checked everything. but the cases look good, the 6D worked, and wil check the photos in a bit.

I have a Pelican case I had in the back and in an impact corner. Case is fine.

ThinkTank airplane carry-on, bit dirt on out side but it was in the cab, both 7D camera look fine as well as other stuff in the case.

Laptop, I am on it so it is fine.

found my cellphone charged it up and working again.

OK, so life is not so bad………

cost some money to get it back here, was 2 hours plus of driving to get back to a town where the tow service came from.

And yes, the roads were closed yesterday morning as we drove back.

Lots of messes on the road.


Oh well, I am an optimist, I will build again, but I will pursue photography as long as I CAN.

Ain’t been stopped yet!

Lovingkindness energy to  all,

may I be able to continue to photograph and post the pretty picture you folks liked. and do the stuff I enjoy as well.

sorry no photos of the accident scene, my cell phone was in the cab some where and so were the cameras. It was snowing and beginning to get worse when I lost control.

Yes I was looking for a place to pullover for a few hours.

Did not make it……..

but I got most of the camera equipment, some of the studio equipment and lots of creative energy.

Personally I want to find my hair brush and razor……..

3 days is a bit much to Not brush one’s hair.

I am a survivor, and will pull myself through this.

Like any of the explorers of the yesteryears, I will take what I have and continue to build and proceed to the place in the southern central Mexico.

The mass media belief of not doing anything till the government says it is safe ain’t for me……… not an armchair quarterback to MY LIFE.

So hang in there is you believe in inspiration of trying to do it anyway.

I am not done yet!!!!

Lovingkindness energy to ALL.


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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