OK, so now I’m pissed about the accident….. lost my coffee!

20150927 CoffeeDetecgearshot-0185

UPDATE 20151228, 1345HRS. I found the coffee!!!! LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!

and 1416hrs, I have a razor (might be dull), my shaving cup sans brush, a rag will do, and  MY Hair brush!!!! Yeah, I know 3 days since I brushed my hair, wow, but I am a survivor. Found the shampoos and soaps, so into the shower, MUCH NEEDED!!! I will look a little more human in a few….. see  life is good! Lovingkindness to all as I explore in my bounty of gifts from THE/MY CREATOR.

Yeah, the title is right, just emptied a bunch of stuff from the truck and can’t find a single package of coffee…….

OUCH,  the lobby had some brewed, but man, I wanted to have some coffee while I work…..

Oh well got to find a bank and change some money, get a hair brush, nope still ain’t found one, and now some coffee….

ain’t life a turd when it wants too be……..

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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