An early Christmas present….

I am sitting here in Pearblossom, Calif, 3 am in the morning of the 20th day of illegal court action.

Since no one cares, no one has shown up, no one has taken my info.

In 23 years no one, has stood up for my RIGHTS…..

so, I am quite willing to NEVER TRY TO ACCESS anything of help to USA or it’s followers.

May you fake “GOD”, the dollar bill help you.

I did a very spiritual event, one I was told of as 2 yr old…..

that prophecy has been fulfilled, I believe in REAL CREATORs having just been one, so to speak.

Merry Christmas , all you money worshipping people.

As I was doing my thing I was once again in touch with the SUN of this planet, “CHRIST”……….yeah, I know you wat to believe that the jews, catholics, christians and muslins put the SUN IN A BOX so you would not see it.

Like I said, Merry Christmas, because the ONLY REASON I WAS ALLOWED TO DO THE SPIRITUAL EVENT, is because I was able to determine hat the surface of this planet will be DEAD of any life IN 20-30 YEARS.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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