Coincidence #2?? or LA Sheriff disregard Public safety.

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF “NO BULLY ZONE”, some kind of big noise with a place called the WHITE HOUSE?????

Just say no to Bullies!

Just a thought to think about sheriffs

it will only KEEP GET WORSE….

USA government is charged with Genocide……

naughty, naughty, now feel the essence of Thor!

have YOU asked the Pope what he thinks of you assaulting a person with the “PERSONAL MARK OF APPROVAL OF CHRIST ON HIM”????

Rev. 2:17  ….I am equal to a pope, dear boys……….

and I am NOT CHRISTIAN, CATHOLIC OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE STUPID BIBLE. I’ll ask Pope Francis for you… 😉  (no snake oil dealer from down the street….one an only Pope Francis in front of my door.)

opps, sorry asked Christ to come and collect his own, of course any other “God” may do the same. As always, my energy paid, to pave the way….

oh, in high school some friends gave me the name, Gandalf….

I had no clue who or what they were talking, had to read the books.

Yeah, he is a favorite because of that and What Gandalf is IN THE BOOK…

never give up, even a balrog!!!!

so, yes….. for my son

My vengeance as “Gandalf” now beings, enjoy your payment for MURDER by way of a spirit……..

by the way, are you beginning to see the ways of your arrogance, which is fueled the inspiration……… ummmm, me….

after all, were your intentions HONEST, where is my requests???

Where is the news people…….instead of clock and dagger in the wee hours of the night….. but where do you get your ideas,


you can not stop me, you must admit your abuse to the WORLD, IN FRONT OF THE FIRST PEOPLE! and anyone else……no excuse!

oh, I’d bet the Pope, any Pope would be here in 24 hours or less if someone who says they have Rev. 2:17 mark wanted to see them…. the clock is ticking…..

of course if I find things like my files not uploading or messaging turned off……..censorship, any interfering……..MURDER CHARGES!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

have you ever asked a Native American about photo permissions at a pow-wow?

think you could hide a piece of me from ME?

I walked a half mile to town the day after I ended a 32 day fast….how far can you walk after no food for 32 days???? just a bit spiritual too, had no one in attended.

call the News Service Democracy Now…

Let us see if you let them report on your Lawful ACTIONS!

And of course I will decide what is acceptable as proof that your are just doing bounce back tricks………. sorry boys

it is real and uncensored,


and no I am NOT calling a interview, I want to see what they are allowed to tell the First People, and the rest of the world……When are the 1000 spirit drummers going to be here??? the Elders????

Do you deny they right to their Beliefs too???

also remember I have NEVER STOPPED TRYING TO FILE CHARES, since you never accepted them, they can NOT BE OUT OF STATUS OF LIMITATIONS AND because I have my son, BEnjamin telling me that he is DEAD to me, the Child Abuse charges denied right to file in 1992 now carry and automatic Murder charge.

Since my son knows that the ONLY way he can approach me is with RESPECT to how and what I am………sorry,

you try to use my son, threaten my son or his mother…….

there will no PLACE TOO HIDE!!!

and I think you are learning that!!!

by the way, you are aware that in Australia couple months back, SCIENTISTS proved the conscious DOES EFFECT REALITY. Sorry Quantum Physics is real science……


what lawful, refusal if my RIGHTS AS  A HUMAN BEING,


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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