The REAL Value $$$$ of the USA Dollar!!!

my lifeboat_arrival_boarding time

This is the image I send, imagination or real……

of my lifeboat…….. whether it arrives or not does not matter………

It is only for me, no one may travel with me…….sorry universe’s rules.

In 1964, the United States removed the money in the paper DOLLAR, and


Since the world WORSHIPS material pleasures and these pieces of papers let’s see what you Bought!!!

re-posted comments from my Facebook Why I built the International Space station……….

OK, so as I get ready to move my business again…….. I just want to give a little up date here. My view of the data to date, science is the Major role. State of the Planet.
I see things differently, no one I have every met, can even begin to understand……
“That is why my Creator taught me to Understand so deeply that I am a Spiritual Being in a temporary physical body…..that no human can change that understanding……… thoughts are my creations………I am Artist. I Create. Lovingkindness to All!!!”
a simple statement, however when you stop and consider that at 2 yrs old, this Creator also told me,
“Never feel responsible for the Human Race killing itself off.”
56 years later, no religious fanatical ideas……..just the facts………
1. The oceans have vast quantities of fresh water coming in. Regardless of where!!!! The ocean top 100 meters is your oxygen producing layer. That is now contaminated. The fresh water will ALSO change the water currents, and fresh water will absorb either more or less heat energy at different rates than the ocean salt water, further causing pattern changes.
2. The ocean tempertures are causing the oceans currents to change. And the Change is caused by Solar, we have no control devices.
3. you have every stage of chemical breakdown possible, of every pollutant ever made by man mixing in these currents.

Now if you had biology or natural science courses, at this point you might like me see, Every ocean and connected water way is a breeding ground for NEW life forms………
and of course any point that land comes in contact with the contaminated water is a point of transfer to land animals.
i.e. water birds, fish caught, shell fish, seaweed harvested, swimming in contaminated water.
think Bird flu, Swine Flu, Common Flu, samenilla, plague, you name it, it has new breeding grounds, new breeding partners, and a toxic soup to do it in……..every possible variable gene changing action humans know of……..

Now add that Fukushima has for over 4 years been dumping a million gallons a day of radioactive poisons in the Pacific Ocean. The radiation was detected on the west coast with 18 months in the water. 2014 fall, atmosphere radiation was on Southern Africa and Australia. (Tepco headlines “Closes Leak” inside story, 2nd paragraph, “Tepco will complete plastic seawall to try to contain radioactive waste water into oceans, uncontrolled for over 4 years” Oct. 2015

The oceans have every stage of chemical breakdown of pollutants possible.
The weather patterns are increasing in strength, disaster after disaster…….humans have no back up plan, and they are not ready.
6 months to find and ID a new virus or more………
I expect somewhere on the order of 1000s per day, lethal levels increasing due to New varieties that have now been mixed. Birds will transport a lot. Migrations, food handling, illegal trade…….China, Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, and yep USA and it’s neighbors…….airports…….major cities……. maybe a half dozen toxic or lethal to humans, per day!!!

so you see, in 56 years of watching, YEAH, you humans are on the path to being dead in a decade or 2…… a few tribes may hide somewhere for a while.

And Remember that the Ocean currents ARE CHANGING which does DIRECTLY AFFECT YOUR WEATHER.
Arctic Blasts of 1 a week in the USA, Europe should also have them, will be very common, where you like it or not.
The atmosphere jet stream changes will draw up hurricane moisture on the East coast of the USA. I expect at least one hurricane force storm by 2015 year end.
The governments of the world will too busy dealing with disaster after disaster.
anyway, not much too do, I’m looking for a cave myself, far from any major cities or oceans………..
am not responsible, still feel sorry for you.
Lovingkindness to all.

OK, I am going to tell you a little more about my story on becoming a spacefaring artist roaming the universe.
But 1st, ths 2 news messages from NASA.
1. NASA has determined the Antarctic ice sheet is ggetting thicker, they Do Not know where the watercausing theoceans to rise is coming from. However they do note the oceans Currents are Changing.
2. Oxygen producing plankton is dying due to Changing ocean Currents and Temperatures.
So, Can We Say? Cross-Contamination?
Biological nightmares are NOW happening!
Natural, new breeding pairs, New breeding zones, New tratransportation partners.
Radiation uncontrolled release from Fukushima 4+ years….air & water/oceans
Pollutants of ever kind, in every waterway.
You have NO survival rate, because you WILL NOT look at the issue.
now for my story
When I was 3 yes old, and talkihg to my CREATOR, we discussed my desire to be ARTIST.
In part, I was informed I would Live to see the human race Kill itself.
Plese read your history and thosenasa reports.
I do not know if I will get off the planet in the next couple years, but it he FACTS remain and I do expect to see millions dying by summer 2016
Biological nightmares, 1000s of them All at once,
Lovngkindness energy to all.


Peter Vanderhoof Oh, I was MADE to understand that at NO POINT, was I a rescuer of the human race. Only, that if possible, could I use ARTIST, to create a way to get a few humans off the planet before I figured out how to get my butt off the planet, To Journey Alone among the stars. You do not care for your planet, and I don’t have to save anyone!Like · Reply · Peter Vanderhoof Someone might want to tell private enterprise, like Brandon, Musk, …….they are OUT of TIME!

Well, the other day I conversed with my son…. It has been 6 years since he became 18 and no one could forbid him from being around me.
Ben has informed me than because you all are so violent and can NOT keep yourselves from hating me, ATTACKING with intent to hurt me, he does not feel safe talking to me. His words, “Too much drama.”
Therefore, I have nothing and no one in the entire human race I may talk to as a close friend.
I have no reason to help the human race, your race does NOT want to learn or care OR EVEN LISTEN TO THE POSSIBILITIES.
Your race has killed and attacked every Spiritual guide the universe sent.
And now, an artist, no religion, inspiring you to be more…..
And you Want to kill me, attack me…..
The International Space Station was a hope the human race would care about it’s self.
I am wrong.
Since you do not want this help and it is too late for me OR ANYONE to do anything, I will no longer involve the human race in my work in restoring balance to the planet.
The engines are started. I am no longer needed to run them, 100 million years and the damage will not be noticed.
Should I be wrong, you will only miss beating me up. Nothing more.
I will just turn my attention to leaving this planet and since you all CALL ME INSANE,
If my body dies, breaks before I leave, at least I can NOT BE HURT ANYMORE.
What a sad world you all brag about…..
I do not know I am right, but in 54 years only a few very minor differences have shown up.
You have polluted everything, all air in your access, all forms of water, the oceans are dying, sea life washing up everywhere, land polluted miles down.
The Japanese nuke plant spewing out radiation into air and ocean…
Governments everywhere deny ANY TROUBLE.
You hide the poisons under the rug like a little child, thinking the world would not notice.
You demand unlimited growth, YET LIVE IN A VERY LIMITED ENVIRONMENT.
You can not survive on that path, THE FACTS SHOW IT!!!!
So, yes you, the human race have even my permission to kill yourselves off AS FAST AS YOU WANT.
I will not make any attempt to help as no one wants it.
Good day.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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