video of me letting you know I called the PLUMAS County Court today….

Yes, everyone must have a demand,

Mine is simple,

the 2 illegally placed felony charges Explained world wide! the whole story!!!!!!!!

So no where on this planet does anyone at any time think I have a record of such crimes.

EVERYONE, except my son’s mother Connie Maire Grey punished as required by 1992 State and FEDERAL laws……

Connie is a victim of abuse, the system should have helped her, it will do so now at my son BENJAMIN’s direction.

If he says “Leave her alone.” you leave her alone, if he wants some kind of counseling for them it will be provided to THEIR SATIFACTION.

Any and all people or organizations that told me to shut up or tried to help must be prosecuted, by my standards. ( like I give a damn about compassion to humans after all the damage to this PLANET!)

no exceptions, if they are responsible to action, and followed orders or gave orders…….

charged with ALL charges, minimum 500 felony counts per person.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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