More Old poems, Utopia papers??

Again, just dumping this stuff up here……..

old stuff,

note 10th grade I deal with the issues of a suicide person’s feeling as the society tosses them away….. for money.

Nope, I am not programmed to commit suicide, hence the reason I choose to turn and Fight!!!!

To continue to run………why??????

What did I do???????

What does my Creator think of cowards??????

What does My Creator think of me, bit of the old Calvin cartoon sass, standing for myself since 2 years old, THAT I KNOW!!!

also, see the small card on the first photo, it is a statement someone said to me, I was amused and wrote it down. The man was around for a year or so.

The joke was on me, I guess…… he kept pointing out the saying was happening again, as I did something I was not suppose to be able to do…….

I am glad I found it and can share it with the world…..

very Taoist to me…… in that ideal, without trying.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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