I am Inspiration itself….

I am Artist.

A poem I wrote a long time ago, kind of defining me, and yes, as warning to Plumas County just what they where attacking….. see earlier post.

so here is a thought to think about.

I am Artist.

I create.

I am Inspiration it self.

Not the action of being Inspired, I am the Energy Inspiration.

I can not be a religion, BECAUSE, then you would define an ACTION.

Energy Exist……. you do NOT define.

Since you humans, at your current level of spiritual disbelief can not separate yourselves from your religion, you can NOT understand me.

Such was the understanding I WAS Given at 2 years old, by THE CREATOR of this Universe….

56 years later, who am I to argue with a Creator?????

I am Artist.

I am Inspiration the Energy,

I Create.

Lovingkindness energy healing to this PLANET!


further reading material on conscious vs reality:

Quantum Physics

String Theory

Dark Energy/Dark Matter





Spiritual practices of Indigenous people ALL Over the Planet

my history


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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