Abusive ex-parent seen….

My brother Paul and Leonard Vanderhoof, both have used violence on my ALL MY LIFE.

See earlier post on my running to keep from beat ASSAULTED again.

and yes, I did execute 2 separate thoughts for solar flares….

bit of interest…….

Leonard Vanderhoof received me in part of a deal in which HE WANTED Paul.

Leonard Vanderhoof walked me into his house and at 2 and a half years old, I was told I was Not HIS Child. This is NOT my home.

“This is NOT my Family.”

At 8 years old, I was told I looked enough like my brother, that, Yes I could now say I was family, However I would have to pay every single penny Leonard ever spend on me back to him.

Leonard has never said he loves me without including, But YOU OWE ME!

Leonard has never hugged me.

Leonard Vanderhoof’s favorite thing was to hit me. Make my nose bleed, then claim I picked it to cause it to bleed…….and proceed to smack me some more.

Very violent man, hose, wire, newspaper, sticks, and of course a belt or 2….

When I said that Connie had asked for divorce…..

he responded…….. “Well I’m more important than you to Benjamin, So I am going to support Connie.”

Would you like to find ever one statement from him other wise????

In Jr High school, 12 or 13 yrs old, I was playing catch with Paul and a kid who later became or was at the time my step brother Rocky. I reached out to catch the ball, foot caught and I went down, with a straight arm.

Went and complained to Len. He told me put ice on it and not bother him.

That night, still in pain I was told to shut and go to bed.

At school the next day I rapped a piece of cloth or an ace bandage on my arm and PE let me not play.

Next day same thing, however on the third day, and I was refusing to do anything because of the pain.

They called Len.

They came back and told me that they had told him to let me go to  doctor and gave me an address for a doctor.

I walked to the doctor, a few miles from school to downtown and then back again.

I had a 3 inch long fracture in my arm. They put a cast on it.

When Leonard got home I punished because

1. I cost him money by going to the doctor.

2. The school called him.

and some idiot thinks I trust this man or anything HE SAYS?????? or backs his beliefs?????????


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