32 day fast…….for my son.

2003 32 day fast sept pageFB2003 32 day fast oct pageFBhere are the photos of the pages from a calendar that after my son was taken and I could not get anyone to give a shit.

I started a Gandhi death fast……..

During the first couple weeks I walked in the 1/2 mile to downtown,

visit a little.

However, after too many people, looked at me and said,”What you are not dead yet?”

I stopped coming in to town.

I set a number of days, realized that Gandhi did 20 days max in most of the readings. I was close to 20 at that point. So I changed my direction of energy, played around with the inedita meditation, (feeding by energy, yogic teaching, and Catholic priests and nuns in historical knowledge), realized I could, put 5 lbs on in 2 days. decided on 32 days to stop on.

33rd day walked in to town, told the queen bee of environmental and human loving figure head, Susan of Pangea…..

her response”Good, so you decided to shut up.”

like I keep saying,”What did I do???”

oh yeah, the Creator told me……… I will be alone forever now!!! I am different……….

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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