Strike a Chord, my drum and me.

Here it is, an old man playing like a 2 year old and having fun. The link about should be the video… it 1 am…. nap time

I’ll check it in the morning.

and here is Monday afternoon’s fun and noisy banging around…tuning it up….

First off….

let me say I am no musician, drummer, singer, or other musical talent.

I am someone who remembers being two and a half years old and looking up into a closet and seeing a drum, and knowing I would not see it again.

It was my brother David’s drum.

I do not remember David, he died a few years ago, and in so doing began a process that brought me back in touch with my mother and that part of the family a couple months ago.

I will be 59 in January. 57 years of emotional assault has ended, they confirmed that the man I had to call dad would need a gene test to claim any relationship, Ever again. I will NOT submit to a test.

I built this for me and my desire to have a drum of my own some day.

I was around a few drummers during 1990-2005 years.

In 2004 one drummer spoke of a business venture in building drums. So I made this just to see what it would end up like, knowing I  had no one BUT me to please.

The man left the business idea behind before this drum was very far along and I finished it up on my own. Saw the market and public desire and saw no reason to try on my own.

I how did get myself my very own drum, an original, one of a kind in looks, and maybe in sounds…. too many weird bits and pieces I used and

no knowledge of what drums can really do outside of the usual range of music the masses like.

Because at the time the drum was finished, I had my shoulder/arm/chest cavity broken from the Plumas County Sheriff/Court torture, abusive behavior problems,

I learned to play one handed, and never played with or for anyone.

I played for a few months in 2005.

In August 2005, I was arrested again for not shutting up about the abuse, ( my original felony charges Against Plumas County Court illegal actions in 1993. due to the murder of my son, there is no claim of statue of limitations by the USA government.)

The drum has sat till the other day, shown to a few people, pulled out and touched and reminded that I would tune and play her again.

That day, Dec. 4, 2015, was the first time in 10 years that I have picked up and tuned the drum, and then I played it.

At 2am on the 5th I walked out side and played to see if the tuning was nearly right. The drum and I connected, all day Saturday, I would hit record and play around………dozens of bits and pieces.

I hope to put some of what I sound like up, so anyone who EVER wanted to bang on a drum sees that you can. I did several video tapes of me just playing around.

Using the weird and fun different tones I can make with the drum.

I have no lessons to speak of, 1 or 2 drum circles at most.

I show one handed noise……….

Mike Ripley, a musician who put up with me listening to him play, because I had cars and gas, so He got to gigs and rehearsal. Would tell me to shut up even if I was just moving my lips…… Mike is a great friend, I am no musician.

Drums take no talent or training……..what parent does not remember their child and a spoon banging on something????

I am spiritual, so yes, I do approach trance drumming in my understanding of it.

The video tapes if I can put them up, are just that.

Playing as my heart, soul, spirit, reconnect with the drum and the nature surrounding the drum and it’s power.

If I CAN’T get the files uploaded and let you get it up here, well, Facebook, my zenfolio site, youtube exist…….

the heart of a 2 year old banging on a drum will not be denied……..

Dance to you own music and play on whatever instrument YOU like,

It is your life.

Strike a Chord

2 thoughts on “Strike a Chord, my drum and me.

    • my brother David was natural as far as I know, but it was his drum that left the impression. My son on the other hand, while his body is alive he has informed me that he is dead to me and I may never talk to him again. That was done by abuse, child abuse at first, later physical assault on me, a 23 year fight, which I guess is still going on, ‘cus I am still alive. In 1999=2000 judge Garrett Onley (sp?) of Plumas County Court system in an OPEN court stated I was to not have any Rights what so ever. In 2002 Judge Onley, stepped off the bench and Judge Stanley Young a retired judge and one I knew was well involved in the corruption took over.
      In 2004 I was arrested and booked on “resisting Arrest”, the sheriffs threw me to a hard marble floor. My right arm, shoulder and chest cavity was injured.
      I was sentenced to 30 days in jail. I was called a “Liar” any time I raised, pointed or asked for medical attention for my injures.
      At about 26-27 days, my 3 other cellmates revolted. 1 of them asked for a med slip. He then turned and handed it to me.
      The other 2 prisons got up and stared at the guard as I filled out the slip and gave to the guard.
      The next day I was taken to the hospital. My shoulder was x-rayed. Tech walked out with the film. 3to 5 minutes she returned and stated,
      “You are a LIAR. There is nothing wrong with your arm.”
      I was handcuffed and and returned to jail to finished my sentence.
      I am a pro Photographer who has run film processing machines. It takes 3-5 minutes to run through the machine.
      The tech made sure the x-ray came out. Nothing more, reading an x-ray MUST be done by a Radiologist and should take 30 minutes or more.
      6 months later, I got some money and went for med. pot license. That doctor ordered the x-ray be looked at.
      I now have the x-ray secreted away, It has a BONE CHIP THE SIZE OF A QUARTER, floating off my shoulder.
      The Plumas County Court system has torture charges, since I contacted every agency in the United States related to the Justice system. Even filing a case against the Plumas County Superior Court in the United States Supreme Court only to the United States Supreme Court send me a letter saying I had to go through the Court system instead of following FEDERAL LAW and causing immediate relief from ASSAULT.
      So, by laws in power in 1992-1993, and no government may restrict my rights by writing a law to prevent me from my human rights, I have murder charges on the Supreme Court and anything that is associated with the entity United States Government, acts in concert with it, tries to deny me justice, tries or TRIED to destroy evidence, has taken witness against me, a tad bit long………
      In 2005, an attempt to silence me was again tried. I was arrested, Judge Young and Judge Onley, both now felons by Federal and State laws, did charge me with “Making Threat on a Judge”, 2 felony counts in a 3 Strikes State……yeah, just another Count of Felony assault with deadly force and lethal weapons used, on the judges and entire justice system. tried to claim I was crazy, forced me to take a drug that if I was taken off of suddenly it would destroy my brain cells. Simple medical data sheet showed me that before I ever left custody. Took 7 years but I found and used a medical doctor to get me off it safely. So the USA and I are at war……..since I am non-violent by standard, I have no need of bombs or guns, or physical weapons that people use.
      I however do believe in tough love teaching, so Lovingkindness energy for my healing I give to me and the planet.


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