Act of non-violent self defense.

20151209……still here……..0715hrs, nice sunrise. The day welcomes me.

as for the humans, well………


I just saw my brother Paul and Leonard Vanderhoof, both has used violence on me ALL MY LIFE.

See earlier blog post about having to run from Leonard demanding I not care about my business and threaten to have me, Beaten and Drugged so I would not care.”

Not denial of FACTS.

So yes, I thought about a couple of solar flares to hit you……

my insane sick needs to be on drugs beliefs,

drumming to heal a wounded planet and you folks ASSAULT ME?????

I’m sorry, laughing way too much, PLEASE enjoy my Creator’s reply to what is going on…….. the mail came while I was in here posting the drumming video.

By the way, please understand,

No human being may OWN  another human being……… I don’t give a fucking damn HOW ARROGANT YOU ARE!

Governments, societies are the imagination and constructions of human beings………THERE IS NO WAY AN IMAGINARY THING CAN OWN OR DICTATE MY BELIEFS OR OR LOSS OF RIGHTS……..

1978 officer shot

1978, LACMA….yep that is ME on right. S owhen I say I sat in the LA Co. Sheriff dept classroom and listened to the insytructor say, “This a 38 Special. This is a 357 magnum. Little heavier, Lot more stopping power. You to drop the sucker. You don’t want him getting back up. That is why departments are changing to the 9mm, 14 rounds, no reloading. However remember you tell the public that you “shoot to Stop.” Never use the word kill.” You can bet I remember something to what is said. Almost every shooting victim has what 8 to 12 bullets in them……..National weapon of choice 9mm

I am posting these images for my own self protection.

They are 300ppi images at 17 inch on long side. download and print x-rays or other documents. Any one in the world who print a paper or other physical material print of these set and puts in on the Supreme Court steps, gets a nod from me to your return to spirituality.

the sink photos are the electrical device that I was having to see like this for some 5 to nine months before Connie Mary Grey Vanderhoof announced on Dec. 31, 1992, at 11:35 pm….

“She had married me not to be married , but to be divorced. I knew it would be easy to get people to be mean to you. I want a divorce.”

so as you see by both the statement and the photo, I have at least the right to investigate and file a claim.

My employer was Photo editor of Feather Publishing Co. I oversaw the photos of 6 weeklies. Just a tad bit of responsible nature to any photo I would take as I just walked in tired from a long day and seeing the lethal setup one too many times and just shot.

I expect the police to ATTACK again, maybe tomorrow. (10:04am updated still here.)

In 23 years no one has ever raised a finger to help defend me or my attempt to defend my son.

I am in the current position that my landlord is a slumlord, attorney and in having destroyed my business, is now demanding I move out in 3 days.

There is a 2 inch water main illegally repaired, Peter Thottam, slum lord refused to pay for repairs, pay for a licensed plumber, when I realized his plumber was not legit, WHICH WILL BURST AGAIN. In 20 minutes a 2 inch water line will release 0ver 1000 gallons of water. My electronic gear is at risk, to say the least. Having been financially destroyed by the Peter Thottam slum lord actions.

Got no where to.

Got no money to get.

Got nothing on this planet to live for, BUT MY HONOR.

On Nov. 28th 2015, I gave him written notice.

On Dec. 1st 2015, HE LEFT A 3 DAY PAY OR VACATE.

On Dec. 1st I send a letter to California State Bar informing them that this man has

  1. Leased me a business unit to live and work in. It is not residentally zoned. The ATTORNEY did willfully commit FRAUD.
  2. The attorney was informed by me that I was running from an aging parent with a LONG history of physical abuse and I had 2 illegally placed Felony counts on me so I needed to get out fast.
  3. He did willfully, attack, defraud, and is NOW going to threaten me with the use of police who have a HISTORY OF ABUSE TO ME.

Please understand, there is nothing on this  planet anyone can offer me for the lost of my son.

Ther is no one you can send to talk to me.

Judge Garrett Olney declared WAR on me in 1998-99……

I have been nice, so to speak.

I will stop only after complete surrender and prosecution is over.

Ask the PLUMAS County Jailers, if they are ready for me to open my journals of the 2005 torture by them, in a Court of MY Choice and show the actions and results for my side of the story………yep the inside story……..18 months of notes!!!!


Katrina was born as I slept my first night.

On the 3rd or 4th day, after listening to the judge, lawyers, public defender, some kid from a therapy business who stated that “He was allowed to make medical decisions. Plumas County was a small county and use him to declare me mental insane, they did not have to use a doctor or any medical tests”………

So I told them, “I would shove Hurricane Katrina up the mouth of the Mississippi River so hard it would takes months to figure out what happened.”

Hurricane Katrina was due west of Cuba.

Or the stuff in these Photos……

As of Dec. 4, 2015………since the state bar did not produce arrest records,

I have accepted Judge Garrett Olney’s offer of WAR, and have launched assaults on every front, non-violent, Tough Love Lovingkindness energy,

but yes, you folks might want to duck.

any lunatic with a badge or violent action will be dealt with, somehow.

I am no longer available for abusive actions………….

Crystal Palace, the military nerve center near Yellowstone Super Caldera, please note the increase in geological movement. You have been targeted.

I increased the size/pressure of the molten core of you planet, I commented a couple months ago somewhere about the recycling engines are on. Every tectonic will now shift. I assume the 34 New volcanoes since Sept 2015, is a response. Not sure how many old volcanoes have re-awoken…….

killing ME will stop nothing.

It was a one way ticket, as the military LIKES TO SAY…………

The black marker circles on the x-rays are HOW I RECIEVED the x-rays….

opps, they realized the MISTAKE……….

X-ray DATE: 05/14/04

about 18 months, BEFORE THE felony charges in 2005

I have TORTURE AND WAR CRIMES………..AGAINST anyone who wants me to shut up, stop talking, take a pill, or point a weapon in my FACE, or refuses to stop the people that do this.

Like I said, human beings of earth, you have nothing to offer me……….

20151206 legal doc_war-313020151206 legal doc_war-3128

20151206 legal doc_war-3133

20151206 legal doc_war-3131

Enter a caption

Note date of report…….I believe my release date was the 16th before the reading by who ever this person is. I was never shown the x-rays……Looking at them last night I can see a fracture like line on the coloarbone, I see torn ligaments inside the shoulder joint, and that was just glancing, not even putting out a negative loupe.  And radiologists want to comment on what is visible from an Impact the point of the shoulder, 4 big burly officers, throwing me as hard as they could to a Marble floor. 1200 pounds of weight at say 10mph. Anyone want to let hit them that hard. and then not even allow ME see what happened to my chest cavity even after they KNEW of the ERROR! Or admit the crime!!!!20151206 legal doc_war-312720151206 legal doc_war-312920151206 legal doc_war-313420151206 legal doc_war-314020151206 legal doc_war-314220151206 legal doc_war-313220151206 legal doc_war-312620151206 legal doc_war-313520151206 legal doc_war-3144

20151206 legal doc_war-3142

Front of transcript for the record

20151206 legal doc_war-3147

Note Bottom of courtroom note FOAH to have FINDING of Judge Olney…… personal in courtroom note, see it has a comment on the 2 lawyers not being there and getting fined. I saw respect for law and was hopeful.

20151206 legal doc_war-3148

Visiting judge, was reasonable, but did not listen to me explain the refusal of facts by the psyc doctor. I had left many many MESSAGES, IT was explained I was a one man business………Should have seen the man try to shut the door in my face when I told him my name. I located his office in Reno and went the 90 miles and sat outside till he would be in the office in to work. I’m sure he changed his pants after I left. I heard him explain to someone “I had Just Walked IN the Office!” He came out and discussed the appointment. Stated it would take at least 2 days to do all the testing. I told him I would do in 1 day. Yep, he shit again when 4 hours later on the day of testing I was ALL DONE!

20151206 legal doc_war-3140

See my comment on the top, Paperwork delivered my Connie. She could NOT have the paperwork legally…. Judge Garrett Olney SIGNED it on the 24th at 1:30pm. Her lawyer was out of town, so it would take a day just mail it to the lawyer and have him then send a copy to Connie. Therefore, Judge Olney in an attempt to deny any and ALL law, and gave Ms. Constance Marie Grey Vanderhoof a copy of court document from his hand! Felony assault on my son by Judge Olney. The date is 3, yes THREE YEARS BEFORE I WAS charged with felony threats against this SAME JUDGE.

20151206 legal doc_war-3151

Last page of Supreme Court Filing, Note date, 6-7 months before I am arrested and tortured.

20151206 legal doc_war-3149

Note comment to use the system……… Child abuse, abusive behavior of any sort, to TURN YOUR BACK ON IT IS ASSAULT. Therefore anyone who is a part of the Judical system of a Lawful, Peaceful Non-Violent government would have see the Legal Responsibilities and Acted proper. Murder charges on any employees except broom pushers and mail deliver clerks . Again Note date 2003………BEFORE the acts of torture………..

20151206 legal doc_war-3146

Note: Judge Olney on document and I am Pro Per. Date 2001, the case has been continued many times at this point as you might see in a Court Minutes.

20151206 legal doc_war-3141


I had posted this reply to a question about the events in my drum story,

Realized that the power of the press is in it’s freedom.

I have considered myself a publisher since about 1974.

Just an independent businessman, at 15 yrs old, I realized my passion for photography, writing and fighting for the human rights on a personal basis……. I simply was my own news reporting agency, I was aware of things like the USA dollar being fiat currency……simply a piece of paper, nothing more.

so when I answered this question, I remembered that I have been quoting Mark Twain a lot lately.

only one quote though….

“Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”

So, while I am tired of running, I did a quick response and realized I might as well just put up the evidence and go to war….

….My son on the other hand, while his body is alive he has informed me that he is dead to me and I may never talk to him again. That was done by abuse, child abuse at first, later physical assault on me, a 23 year fight, which I guess is still going on, ‘cus I am still alive. In 1999=2000 judge Garrett Onley (sp?) of Plumas County Court system in an OPEN court stated I was to not have any Rights what so ever. In 2002 Judge Onley, stepped off the bench and Judge Stanley Young a retired judge and one I knew was well involved in the corruption took over.
In 2004 I was arrested and booked on “resisting Arrest”, the sheriffs threw me to a hard marble floor. My right arm, shoulder and chest cavity was injured.
I was sentenced to 30 days in jail. I was called a “Liar” any time I raised, pointed or asked for medical attention for my injures.
At about 26-27 days, my 3 other cellmates revolted. 1 of them asked for a med slip. He then turned and handed it to me.
The other 2 prisons got up and stared at the guard as I filled out the slip and gave to the guard.
The next day I was taken to the hospital. My shoulder was x-rayed. Tech walked out with the film. 3to 5 minutes she returned and stated,
“You are a LIAR. There is nothing wrong with your arm.”
I was handcuffed and and returned to jail to finished my sentence.
I am a pro Photographer who has run film processing machines. It takes 3-5 minutes to run through the machine.
The tech made sure the x-ray came out. Nothing more, reading an x-ray MUST be done by a Radiologist and should take 30 minutes or more.
6 months later, I got some money and went for med. pot license. That doctor ordered the x-ray be looked at.
I now have the x-ray secreted away, It has a BONE CHIP THE SIZE OF A QUARTER, floating off my shoulder.
The Plumas County Court system has torture charges, since I contacted every agency in the United States related to the Justice system. Even filing a case against the Plumas County Superior Court in the United States Supreme Court only to the United States Supreme Court send me a letter saying I had to go through the Court system instead of following FEDERAL LAW and causing immediate relief from ASSAULT.
So, by laws in power in 1992-1993, and no government may restrict my rights by writing a law to prevent me from my human rights, I have murder charges on the Supreme Court and anything that is associated with the entity United States Government, acts in concert with it, tries to deny me justice, tries or TRIED to destroy evidence, has taken witness against me, a tad bit long………
In 2005, an attempt to silence me was again tried. I was arrested, Judge Young and Judge Onley, both now felons by Federal and State laws, did charge me with “Making Threat on a Judge”, 2 felony counts in a 3 Strikes State……yeah, just another Count of Felony assault with deadly force and lethal weapons used, on the judges and entire justice system. tried to claim I was crazy, forced me to take a drug that if I was taken off of suddenly it would destroy my brain cells. Simple medical data sheet showed me that before I ever left custody. Took 7 years but I found and used a medical doctor to get me off it safely. So the USA and I are at war……..since I am non-violent by standard, I have no need of bombs or guns, or physical weapons that people use.
I however do believe in tough love teaching, so Lovingkindness energy for my healing I give to me and the planet.20151206 legal doc_war-3139

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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