2015 New Year’s Eve…. sitting it down.

Well I found the plastic place, Closed till Monday……..

So, while I will look around at other ideas.

Be sitting it down here for couple days, enjoying the town….

Getting ready for weather too, maybe rain tonight, snow tomorrow.

Happy new Year All, stay safe, watch your driving,

yes they may be Aiming at your car, drunks!!!!!!!!


Ah, progress, 20151230….

madMax3_MG_7176Well, I must say those shows of people kicking windshields out with a single kick……… didn’t have the glue job my windshield has…….

Anyway, this blog is paid up for another year!!!!

special note at bottom on my portable typewriter survival!!!

So is the Zenfolio site and my Adobe Creative Suite…….

keeping the business alive folks……..

here are some photos of my truck going through the “MAD MAX” conversion….madMax2_MG_7178


and also,

From the Lighter side of life,


yes, this is My old portable typewriter, bought second hand in a Thrift shop years ago………. it survived, however, I must show the clasp… it has always been missing!!!!


so guess what???? inside……..



and of course I must show the MOST WRITER BLOCK REMOVER, I have ever had…. note the cut marks in the “A” key and others…..

It took me a little while to realize, MY FINGER NAILS FIT THE MARKS….


Sorry you people of the throw away generation, will not understand the feeling of resting my hands on those keys and just meditating into all the years and miles of sheets of paper that were typed on THIS MACHINE TO MAKE THOSE MARKS………. however the ribbons are lost, so I have to find new ones,  did it 15 years ago……. might be around still.

oh but the FEEL OF THOSE KEYS…………

20151229 – I have stuff… digging through the remains

See, I just want to let anyone paying attention,

1700hrs update: have moved a lot up to my room to sort tonight. Got trailer ball and light system. Looks like only one painting survived. Product table may be all there, most at least. More light stands, one shoot thru umbrella…… some more bits and pieces. But it looks as if I am moving in a forward direction. Got a bank around the corner, so I changed money. Walked into the town to find the auto parts store.

YES, I do feel very much alive…….. sure shit could happen. But remember folks, back in Calif. the government and len & family don’t like me BEING ME. So the excitement of new surroundings, a NEW adventure and yes both gangs and police to worry about. At least I feel as if I have an even chance.

I do not walk in fear!!! However , YES I WALK with Awareness of my surroundings. And have walked in many a dangerous place. So while I am not foolish, neither do I show the surrounding scared fear energy.

My electric coffee pot and grinder are dead. But I have both of my hand crank grinders, one a mill for grain really, but does coffee. The other a camping hand grinder, just for nuts like me who want fresh coffee while camping. Of course the Stainless steel French Press by Thermos is working just fine making me coffee in my room. Mexico, no in room coffee at this place.

Both tripods are SAFE! and undamaged, Martins and Acratech heads are fine also. So my night photography is safe, I can keep shooting. I have a post on the Field trials of my tripod system yet to do. I make my Gitzo do some weird set ups to get my shots. So it will be an interesting review. I shot a lot of cell phone photos of the tripod in action!!!! In the field working and what I had to do to get a shot. A GITZO GT 2531EX and now a ACRATECH VG2 Gimball head. My shooting buddy in Calif just bought the same tripod after watch me do things for the past year……

that I have found my studio lights, a matching set of light stands and 5500k 100w bulbs, and a couple of backdrops……. see I still have a mini studio.

And the motel employees are laughing with me at my mess. Helping getting rid of bulky stuff or trash.

Even a sheet of plexiglass to make a windshield, one employee said he would get for me. Saw the truck cab, understands Never getting a windshield in that mess. But if I screw on the plexiglass the wipers will work on it. And it might look OK to the cops.

so yes, I am still creating my exit……..

I am artist, too damn crazy to stop and lay down dead while a thought beats in my body.

Lovingkindness energy to all.

Disclaimer, why should I care???

family me 2ishFB

that’s me in the short and suspenders, about 2 years old. The brothers and sister I would leave behind, not even memories…..

I just want to say that I taught my son a simple rule……..

If you DO NOT CARE about other people, You have NO RIGHT to expect them to CARE ABOUT YOU.

I am in a few days short 59 years alive on the planet. Jan 15th is my birthday.

I have been trying to live my own life, my only real message is the same as so many of the RELIGIONS & SPIRITUAL PRACTICES.

We are All one FAMILY, ONE PLANET.

I can successfully say, No one has taken the Time to listen to MY OPINION OF MY LIFE.

OK, fine no one knows sh!! about the REAL me.

So far to date, you as a race have said “We do Not Care About Others!”

Therefore, given my claims and demonstrations of spiritual Knowledge, why should anything or anyone with those abilities “Give A Damn!” about any of you???

Simple disclaimer, The CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE YOU EXIST IN said, “It will be their fault.”

Me, just a 2 bit artist….. doing my thing to record the world that my body exists in and enjoy the various beautiful elements to view, created by a CREATOR.

No desire to have followers, just people who like my art.

History will show, every time some one talked of religion of my belief system. I moved on, dropped the subject. Even left the friendship.

If you do not care for me as a human being? Why should I care if I am some HOW apply to be something more????

What do you offer in SPIRITUAL PAY???

Remember, I have the Rev. 2:17 mark from the Bible…… “CHRIST” personal mark for those of those religions.

and the ones most challenging my rights……..


Well now you know why people like to travel with me…

truck front_side_rt_MG_7167

I don’t get ruffled for long it gets weird or crazy or different than planned.

I roll with the flow, very TAOIST of me, but hey, life happens…….

oh product quality performance…… Pelican 1610 case, not any real damage, only a mirror inside got broken, that I can tell. But it was on an impact point…..

anyway, like my son says, wow, lots of drama……..

Me, I say, nothing boring here, I GOT A LIFE!

It does at times get a bit much……

the spiritual thing I did was something I don’t think anyone but me will ever understand it. AND I DO NOT figure that MY CREATOR is wrong in saying I never would. It was a time and place thing, very personal, but like Revelations 2:17 says ‘THE CHRIST” awards this new name to those that hear the SPIRIT. Which means I know what “THE CREATOR” wants to the best of my interpretation and no one will be ANY CLOSER.

So yes, as life happens, even an accident, I will go with the flow.

Why get mad??? Yes, I was doing the dumb thing of pushing myself to hard, but why get mad about it??? Change my habit a little next time, But I was looking for a pull off and amusingly yes just past the debris of my wreck was a pullout….. just miss it by inches folks…..

Damn, that close! maybe next time I will make it, instead of the TV crowd just changing the channel or laughing, I was trying and that is;


Read my poem on “Artist”, ride with me and it just might get interesting!!!!

OPEN For business soon……. hunting the illusive photos of Central Mexico!

any one spiritual and adventurous????

email me.


heck, I even have my BRAND NEW  Vasque Breeze 2 boots on!!! Was wearing the old during the accident, guess I will change over to walk a new mile or 2……..

OK, so now I’m pissed about the accident….. lost my coffee!

20150927 CoffeeDetecgearshot-0185

UPDATE 20151228, 1345HRS. I found the coffee!!!! LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!

and 1416hrs, I have a razor (might be dull), my shaving cup sans brush, a rag will do, and  MY Hair brush!!!! Yeah, I know 3 days since I brushed my hair, wow, but I am a survivor. Found the shampoos and soaps, so into the shower, MUCH NEEDED!!! I will look a little more human in a few….. see  life is good! Lovingkindness to all as I explore in my bounty of gifts from THE/MY CREATOR.

Yeah, the title is right, just emptied a bunch of stuff from the truck and can’t find a single package of coffee…….

OUCH,  the lobby had some brewed, but man, I wanted to have some coffee while I work…..

Oh well got to find a bank and change some money, get a hair brush, nope still ain’t found one, and now some coffee….

ain’t life a turd when it wants too be……..

On the road, ….opps all over it.

TRUCK at motel_MG_7164FB

pile of stuff and the truck. The truck ran this morning. I got 2 months of food, and a little money. Cameras and computer survived……..studio equipment and printer are dead or lost. some will be salvaged, backdrops can be washed, some lights survived, but………

Well, for those of you that have followed any of my adventures this year,

In January 1, 2015, I officially started Vanderhoof Photography.

By March, my ex-dad had reduced me to maybe 5% of my time on doing my business.

I was his nurse-maid-butler-traveling companion, AS FAR AS HE WAS CONCERNED.

I had no life there.

It was the same as my life in the prison system.

I am now in Mexico, my overloaded truck and the overloaded trailer wrecked when I lost control in the wet weather.

Some of you may have noticed I am an optimist.

So I am in a motel room, my truck and some of the stuff and a wheels and bottom frame of the trailer, yes they towed it here, are here too.

I am sorting it out and going on to the house further south of here I can live for 6 months to a year in. Rent paid already.

I am short of money, but a bit crafty, as a youth I was training to sail SINGLE HANDED ACROSS THE OCEANS in racing of multihull boats.

So I have a couple of days travel to the house and I am jury rigging the truck and maybe the trailer to continue on.

My cameras and laptop were in the truck and so far so good. Have not checked everything. but the cases look good, the 6D worked, and wil check the photos in a bit.

I have a Pelican case I had in the back and in an impact corner. Case is fine.

ThinkTank airplane carry-on, bit dirt on out side but it was in the cab, both 7D camera look fine as well as other stuff in the case.

Laptop, I am on it so it is fine.

found my cellphone charged it up and working again.

OK, so life is not so bad………

cost some money to get it back here, was 2 hours plus of driving to get back to a town where the tow service came from.

And yes, the roads were closed yesterday morning as we drove back.

Lots of messes on the road.


Oh well, I am an optimist, I will build again, but I will pursue photography as long as I CAN.

Ain’t been stopped yet!

Lovingkindness energy to  all,

may I be able to continue to photograph and post the pretty picture you folks liked. and do the stuff I enjoy as well.

sorry no photos of the accident scene, my cell phone was in the cab some where and so were the cameras. It was snowing and beginning to get worse when I lost control.

Yes I was looking for a place to pullover for a few hours.

Did not make it……..

but I got most of the camera equipment, some of the studio equipment and lots of creative energy.

Personally I want to find my hair brush and razor……..

3 days is a bit much to Not brush one’s hair.

I am a survivor, and will pull myself through this.

Like any of the explorers of the yesteryears, I will take what I have and continue to build and proceed to the place in the southern central Mexico.

The mass media belief of not doing anything till the government says it is safe ain’t for me……… not an armchair quarterback to MY LIFE.

So hang in there is you believe in inspiration of trying to do it anyway.

I am not done yet!!!!

Lovingkindness energy to ALL.