Back to photography…….pain wins

Just a quick post,

I will get my photography back together, from the moving and such.

Those who cared.


Those of you who didn’t,

Thank you as well.

I understand your abuse and will stay away.

I will be me by myself.

20150916 just a update of sorts:

was talking to someone this afternoon and told them of my “Personal Joke”,

years ago I somehow ended up reading Anton Wilson’s “Final Secrets of the Illuminati”. In it he goes on about how the number 23 is associated with the Illuminati and their mark. I laughed and decided to list all the 23s in my life at the time.

ah, I was 23 yrs. old, the address of my property 2323 & 2321…….

yep just gets worse, even the ticket from the parking garage the JUST other day had a 23 mutation, Anton rules, 23, 32, 35, 46, 53, 69…

bank accounts, po boxes, insurance, dr lic, utilities bill, credit cards, everywhere it is popping up……

So yes to this day I laugh at it.

It was and some times still is my KENO and Lottery numbers.

I do not believe in the Illuminati though I do know that the 1% could be considered a controlling force….

BUT I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING BUT A LAUGH OF THIS, and I can not even share it with my son, because everyone will remind him that, “SEE Dad is sick.”

could it just be that there are only 10 digits in the WHOLE NUMBER SYSTEM?


20150918 UPDATE: will rebrand myself, past is being put to sleep. all new clients, all new projects and new bodies of work. Working as fast as I can…..