photo assignment! NEW business card Design printed! On a roll now.

OK, so here we go…….I need to find a poem I wrote a long time ago. It appeared in the 2001 Plumas County Arts Comission Calendar.  Ode to the Artist.   I did have a copy not too long ago, BUT  I do not have any IDEA yet if I got everything out when I had to  “EXIT STAGE LEFT” with the relationship with Leonard, my dad.

Mission Statement

My Mission Statement……on the Back

Well I have to go shoot a SPECIAL PHOTO! creator Nick Usborne has a money making website program. I am using it and when I heard of the site he would use as an example I put forward my story of coffee and night photgraphy/camping.

It took a couple days for the message to get to him on the blog, but HE WANTS IT AS FAST AS I CAN GET IT TO HIM!

So I will post that story of the page Nick Usborne will put on HIS SITE of my photos and story.



I aim to INSPIRE.

Creative shooting All!

2 thoughts on “ photo assignment! NEW business card Design printed! On a roll now.

    • Yeah, that’s my bed, frame behind that, the photo printer is there a little fruther over. I’m in motel, they gave me a suite and I filled it with everything I could find and grab. Got feelers out for an Artist studio or warehouse space I can rent fast and cheap but SECURE! Feel like a teenager running a revolution from a motel room…..ha ha.
      Cooking on camp stove, enough room on bed to sleep. Warned the motle I will walk them through when I’m out see what damage I did in DUMPING GEAR SO FAST. got a dent in a wall and an ink stain on bed cover that I know of. Nothing major, just keeping my karma clean. Got micro and cold box (refrige or freezer, not sure what it wants to be), talking to friends and laughing and dancing…..Free Once Again! Thanks for caring Julia,


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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