“ARTIST” — 2001 Plumas County Arts Commission Calendar poem

Milky Way in the Sierra Neveda Moutains.

Milky Way in the Sierra Neveda Moutains. Please Dream again.

I’m dyslexic……..

teachers said I’d never be a writer……… I was 4 yrs. old when I wanted to learn photography and 7 yrs old, I added writer to the list…

I have been published as a poet and a writer, a couple postcards, and many photographs.

this is at the moment my best poem,

It kind of sums up me, the artist…. why I do so many different things, often quite well.

I hope it inspires you!!!

It was published in the 2001 Plumas County Arts Commission Calendar for November.



I am, shall be, forever will be, artist, creative soul, imagination unleashed, dreamer of dreams to be realized.

A leaf afloat on a sea of possibilities,

Dust blown by the winds of desire,

Creating fluffy white clouds sailing over the horizon,

Blank canvases awaiting the wildest of adventures to live.

Colors so real as to be surreal, luminescently glowing like the full moon on a snow shrouded cold winter’s night.

Living on an edge so sharp I’m amazed that I’m neither cut or fallen off,

Proud of the confidence gained by the experiences.

I’ve been admired, desired, fired, spoken to, listened to, criticized, censored, restricted, envied, liked, loved, hated, delegated, neglected and disrespected.

Even attempts to regulate me, but I move on, being me.

I can’t be kept, but I often pause along the road.

I’m artist, seer of the visions of probabilities, creating colors, invoking thoughts, stirring music to entice the senses.

I’m all colors beyond the brightest white to the darkest abyss.

I’m the spices that give life all flavor, yet I leave you craving for more.

I’m the bend in the road drawing your curiosity forward to rethink thoughts, sights and visions of the roads you travel.

I’m the fuel driving your car of life down the endless roads of possibilities.

A road sometimes so smooth, seemly non-existence,

Other times potholes bump and jar your senses back into reality, or bounce you over the horizon to visions never dreamed.

Stare out any window and see me,

I am Shall be, and Forever will be Artist, Creative Soul, Imagination Unleashed, Dreamer of Dreams to be Realized.

PEV 2001

Footnote: the first half of the poem took a few hours, the 2nd half and polishing it up took 2 years. it is the heart and soul of my being.

I hope you enjoy and share this……..

Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

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