I’m FREE! Out of an ABUSIVE relationship…….. PHOTOGRAPHY posts again, I’m free to be creative again!

Yeah, I'm safe for now. TRalked to half brother for 1st time.......even they are afraid of him becasue he was so violent BACK THEN!

Yeah, I’m safe for now. Talked to half brother for 1st time last night…….even they are afraid of him because he was so violent BACK THEN!

I’m sorry I have not been able to put up photograph blog posts,

YES I have an important message about thecreation of the ISS and I’m also a pro photographer who wants to be remembered for my Night PHOTOGRAPHY.

I have LOTs of photos to share, been out shooting, but life has been presenting me with an almost endless supply of problems to solve first.

I have some photos from a recent trip to visit the OLDEST LIVING PLANTS ON THE PLANET!

Anceint Bristlecone Pines in White Mountains Calif.

I know there are about 3-5 shooting star photos alone to share.

As for the abusive relationship well, the other day the man would I have called dad since 2 and a half, told me that, (I’m now 57 years old)

“when Plumas County Sheriffs arrested and broke my arm, and Plumas County Court sentenced me to 30 days without medical attention to prove they could beat me up, then later arrested me and put me in a mental hospital that said that the TRUTH WAS NOT IMPORTANT. ONLY THE COURT ORDER!”   and I was forced to take dangerous drug, one that if I was to sudden not have it, I WOULD HAVE MAJOR DAMAGE PERMENANTLY CAUSING ME TO BE MENTALLY BROKEN FOR LIFE.”

Leonard Aldis Vanderhoof spent 30 minutes telling me that this “PROPER AND NORMAL TREATMENT FOR MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE.  Footnote: len foreclosed on my house when I was in prison, either he figured I would never get out or He knew I would then be homeless and Legally have almost NO CHOICE BUT TO COME LIVE WITH HIM!


I put my first photo on a paper in 1976, I have consided myself an independent publisher since the 1980s, I have lots of published photos and stories in the Feather Publishing Co archives. Quincy, CALIF 1988-1997 Photo Editor and wet darkroom tech/intorduced them to digital imaging in 1989, using my computer equipment from my screen printing business Capricorn Enterprises, 1988-1994 Quincy, CA……..FREEDOM OF PRESS!!

by the way I should note that the lawyer of Leonard Vanderhoof did willing craft a document that would GIVE LEONARD CONTROL of medications giving me to keep me as his servant.  Larry Copenbarger WAS TOLD BY ME that Leonard has a very violent history. Larry NEVER CONSIDERED talking to me.

Dr. Veit Bui Also TOLD THAT THE DOCUMNET WAS VERY CLOSE TO ABUSE, did willing refuse to discuss the abuse with me, he also refused to review some 400 hrs of Buddhist meditation, lectures, teaching, and New Age teaching, Taoist teaching, and many many more programs, I gave him to show that  I was FAR FROM ANY MENTAL ILLNESS. Extremely trained in reconizing abuse at this point and do so much mental conditioning that even as I have all this going on, I’m balanced, working on protecting myself, and setting up things so I do not have to stop the pace of my engineering a new phase in my life……

HOWEVER, AT NO TIME DID VEIT BUI CONSIDER doing anything drugging me to continue the abuse.

Both are therefore SPONSORS of Human Trafficking and abuse.

sad FACTS………

stuff in motel room after escaping abuse

I’m safe for now!!

bugged out of len_s condo-8272


UPDATE 20150829: I have paid for a place and have a 6 month lease. I will move in tomorow. TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE HELPED OR PRAYED, Thank You!!!

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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