How I created the ISS, the International Space Station is my Baby!


design of ISS

taken off web, creation of many people many countries coming Peacefully together.

How I created the International Space Station in 1983.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT WANT TO SEE WHAT I SAW IN 1975, when I learned that a nuclear reactor using the “Emergency SHUTDOWN” still takes AT LEAST 15 DAYS TO COOL DOWN ENOUGH TO GET THE FUEL OUT OF IT.

So no there was no one running in and shutting down FUKUSHIMA and removing the nuclear fuel or emptying the cooling pool over night!

PLEASE SCROLL WAY DOWN, to the story of my SINGLE PAGE LETTER designed to be “Stolen from me by USA gov & NASA”.

A $2 investment in the human beings survival, created a BILLION DOLLAR OBJECT, employing thousands in several countries, 7 countries or more WORKING IN PEACE FOR 34 YEARS, and NO WEAPONS PLATFORM, that is seen from just about any place on the planet that Human beings live. Inspiring humans to reach beyond themselves and be “ONE PEOPLE & ONE PLANET in HARMONY…

UPDATE 20180212: Just for clarity, I am including this photograph of my 1976 poem “Knowledge” which you can see ends with me states this is mankind’s death sentence.

1975, I did research into the nuclear industry and saw the “absolute Failure guarantee” with a disaster so great & deadly, it would be the end of life on this planet. {For a long while} So yes, getting off the planet became an issue, I dove heavy into the science & science-fiction to find answers.

As TRUMPed has just said that he wants NASA shut down. I am 100% on target with my ISS Baby. 15 countries directly involved, Good Bye Trump! Hello World, what shall we do with my Baby now?

Elon Muck has been messaged of an offer to help. SpaceX & Russia both run supply ships up. Virgin Space & Branson is also welcome to the table.

Knowledge poem 3 pages


nuclear accidents since the creation of the International Space Station.

UPDATE 20170720: Wow, I GAVE the World $1 TRILLION USD$$ in income!

OK, so some lighter more fun stuff to think about. (excerpt from an email to my son)

I did some thinking and figured out that my invention of the International Space Station with some 15 countries involved has produced about a $1 TRILLION USD income for the planet.

Yes that is right, $1 TRILLION US dollars, planet wide in 34 years. True I got nothing out of the deal except I am now pushing the bragging rights, very common for me to put in LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, Quora, Twitter comments… but think of it this way, that space station up there is about $50 Billion in parts.

There has been 3 to 7 astronauts in there living for some 25 years, it costs about $50 million to put a rocket up in space, that is not the payload or the rocket itself, just the launch costs, i.e. fuel, launch pad setup and personnel around the planet on duty. There is a rocket or shuttle going up every 3 to 4 months, so bare minimum of $150 Million per year, $3,750 MILLION in shipping costs.

Then add the cost of making equipment, supplies, factories, maintaining of bases, the making of parts i.e. the Canadian robot arm cost $25 million just to build it, how much to design and freight it up, how much in research… yeah, it adds up pretty damn fast!

So think of that, you got a dad that make the world a Trillion dollars richer and not a single FUCKING GUN was used to get that income created! TOTALLY IN PEACE!

I still have the only project humans have worked on for 34 years with many countries working together and again NOT A FREAKING WAR!

SpaceX & Virgin Galactic and several other companies are in business because of my invention or inspired by it…

I did not steal anything instead I let the government steal it from me.

In 1983 I knew that government would not buy or take it. but the greedy would STEAL IT so I wrote and designed the letter to steal & 4 months later it was a done deal with 7 countries signed on to make the International Space Station.

Pretty cool thought to think about, you have a totally ethical superpower rich in the heart & moral dad…

I am pretty sure that no one else on the planet can claim such a gift to the planet… Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Edison, Ford, even Da Vinci they all took profit on their works, I gave to the ISS to the planet to save it… may not work but at least I tried.

I have never made any money off the invention, no one has even paid me for my story.

So the altruistic level of doing something for the good the human race, not even a single country or a single religion but the world as a whole, does put an interesting spin on the overall whole story…

Be proud Ben, you one hell of a nutcase Dad, but a nutcase in the right direction, logical & Sane… instead of greedy and arrogant!


20170322: UPDATE ABOUT WHY! FUKUSHIMA! OK, in 1975 I did a report for High School which SHOWED CORRUPTION & profiteering WOULD CAUSE A “FUKUSHIMA TYPE ACCIDENT”. No, not a probable… “IT WOULD HAPPEN!”

If you live in USA, you are one of the HIGHEST LIED TO GROUP OF PEOPLE on the planet, yet have information available to could COUNTERACT the actions of the liars.

You JUST don’t for your own “Rose colored glasses” life styles.

NOTICE THAT IN this dispersion model that the DATE IS ONE MONTH AFTER FUKUSHIMA melted down… Cesium 137 covers the entire Northern Hemisphere. Cesium 137 is just one of the MOST POISONOUS materials (copied from web)

“”Cesium-137 is among the most common heavy fission products. Fission of various isotopes of thorium, uranium, and plutonium all yield about 6% cesium-137. [1] This high fission yield results in an abundance of cesium-137 in spent nuclear fuel, as well as in regions contaminated by fission byproducts after nuclear accidents. [2] The large quantities of cesium-137 produced during fission events pose a persistent hazard. Its half-life of about 30 years is long enough that objects and regions contaminated by cesium-137 remain dangerous to humans for a generation or more.””

One gram of cesium 137 will kill everything in a SQUARE MILE….


Fukushima reports 540 tons of nuclear material lost at Fukushima and not recoverable, therefore it is atomizing into the atmosphere & the oceans for 6 years without stopping.

Kind of funny when you are shown a working nuclear power plant on the “Inside” and the “OUTSIDE” looks like this image above.

Another country’s cesium 137 “FALLOUT MAP”…

Or how about the containment of radiation in plastic bags… yes every one of those “black dots” is containment soil/objects of physical nature.

There are the “storage Tanks” which are now beginning to leak and breakdown due to the radiation. Again just basic plastic and metal, nothing to CONTAIN the radiation….

300 tons to 700 tons of radiation waste water “JUST LEAKS into the Pacific Ocean for the past 6 YEARS.

So one has to wonder about HUMAN intelligence?


If you pee on a tree in a forest, you are still on planet Earth.

Every Ocean is connected.

Every land mass has ONLY ONE ATMOSPHERE OVER IT.


20170509 UPDATED: And it just gets WORSE!




So Human Arrogance, the reason I was GIVEN IN 1960 as to why Human Beings would kill themselves off is coming true, IN FULL FORCE!

{{Footnote of interest: 1980 I had an apartment building in Burbank, with which I rented to a NASA Engineer named “Gorman” (sp?). He worked locally but his family lived up north near Sacramento. So on Mondays he flew down spent the week in the apt & on Fridays after work he flew home again. At one point I asked him “Why does NASA use tiles on the Space Shutter, which break off so easy? Would you not use a better system?” He just laughed at me and walked away. I was going to tell him of a system of titanium wire frame & carbon fiber “blown on like a ferro-cement boat to create a single piece ship’s hull. The heat transfer of course would be much cleaner without the breaks of the ’tiles’ and much being stronger more than a “glued on tile”. I should also note that the carbon fiber base was not the standard stuff, but was to be a ceramic/leaded glass and other elements to take both radiation insulation and heat transfer properties into effect & measure. Carbon fiber in Formula One racing & America’s Cup racing was well known to me. But the high heat and needing to transfer it evenly very quickly yet also deal with the A-zero of space plus the idea of radiation protection was all in the theory & designs.

Uni-body construction cars was known at that time too. So the “tiles have never made sense.”

Of course in 2003, just such an “ACCIDENT” happened…. to date NASA has never put a “WORKSHOP” ON THE ISS TO DO IN SPACE REPAIRS…

Which in 2003 I did “after” the accident send them I did send just such an email outlining  A WORKSHOP & FOR BOTH conditions of needed repairs to cargo/passenger ships AND TO THE ISS!

just saying, I tend to think Way Ahead! Pev}}

and worse, 1960, the “Spiritual Beings” of your planet told me I would witness the DEATH OF THE HUMAN RACE.

So that is why I am and ALWAYS have BEEN A ONE PLANET PERSON…

I don’t go for “My group is better than your group stuff”… you all BREATHE THE SAME AIR & DRINK THE SAME WATERS.

So I was attempting to help the human race survive, you will not do so. (unless your arrogance changes & you accept intelligent BEHAVIOR.)

As For the International aspect, a NASA graphic of countries involved in this project.

My story.

The following story is true, it has been told many times since 1983.

I have always told it as a story to inspire children to believe in their dreams. My son heard me tell this story to him in his youth and my telling it in public several times. Letting people know I have no proof other than my roommate and the letter if it exists somewhere at NASA or the White House.

ISS Birth:

In 1983 I was living in South Lake Tahoe with a roommate named Raymond Sanchez. Raymond graduated from Glendale High School, Calif, one year before me. I graduated in 1976. We lived on the same block and I believe I got one of my paper routes from him, many years earlier. Last I heard of him was in 1986, when some one told me he was moving back to Los Angeles, Calif. Problems with the lifestyle of SLT. We had spent a couple years bouncing around coffee shops, before moving to South Lake Tahoe.

Raymond knew that,

  1. I was an avid sci-fi reader and wanted to write science fiction stories myself.
  2. I had a personal desire to be off the planet before Dec. 31, 1992.
  3. I had a way of getting things done, like no one he had very met.
  4. I had done designs of stuff that later showed up in the news, unrelated to me.

So one day, when I came home from work, Raymond came and told me that President Reagan had just announced that he was cutting funding for NASA. Raymond’s question he put to me, “What are you going to do about it?”

I told him I would think about it, yes it was a problem.

A couple days later, I showed Raymond a letter I wrote.

It was on 1 sheet of paper. It was written with a yellow highlighter. I thought about what I would create as that 4 year old child looking up at the stars in my youth and writing a letter. And wrote something like this…..

Dear President Reagan,

Please do not defund NASA. I want to go into space. Instead why don’t you build a space station.

You could get all the other nations to help and call it the International Space Station.

You can put things as big as a bus in the Space Shuttle and then build it in space.

You could call the first section “Unity” to signify the coming together of all the nations.

Sincerely, Peter

WE laughed and I put it in an envelope, kid scrawl address to President Reagan at the White House, NO return address. (can’t do that now.) Add a Stamp. Into a mailbox and wait.

3 or 4 months later, Raymond came home and excitedly told me we had to go find at TV and see the news.

We went to a bar, got the TV put on news (pre happy hour) and when Pres. Reagan came on Raymond turned up the sound and we listened to:


Pieces taken up in the Space Shuttle as big as a bus.

The first piece was to be called Unity.

Raymond turned to me and said, “Wow, He is reading your letter almost word for word!”

I smiled and said, “yeah.”

We raised our glasses to Toast the BIRTH OF THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION.

I have never made a dime off this…………(yes, I was 4 yrs old when I looked up and told my brother I wanted to travel to the stars. My Dad will remember the night, he thought I wanted to run away from home. Made me pack my bags and get out. As I recall I asked for a ride to the corner because the suitcase was heavy.)

But Inspire, who can not be inspired?? Where in the world is it not possible to see and DREAM.

I can travel 80%-90% of the planet and see a STAR I put in the sky, if I just wait a while.

I wonder how much money someone would pay to have lived such a story?????????

However in an amusing twist, my Dad upon hearing the story for the first time in 2015, said if it is a letter to a president, it should be in the library of documents. By rule the correspondence of presidents are kept for historical evidence.

So yes, IF THE USA AND NASA will admit it, then the letter may still exist.

Please consider I had ONE shot and only one shot……I could not get any team to help me make this DREAM happen……….

And yes, Raymond may tell you I play with loaded dice, I can not deny the possibility.

How close the words are in the letter to what I say is in the post, maybe a few words are different. I never kept a copy. But it was simple, direct and to the point AS A KID WOULD WRITE! I am sure the television broadcast of President Reagan has been saved, never got a record of it myself.

It was a long time ago in human time but I’m close enough to what I said, that the rest of the physical facts will support me.

If some one can prove differently, the events are history….the people are real and the International Space Station is a real chunk of human creation in space above the planet.

Look up and see a reason to dream, a manmade star!

Vanderhoof Photography — Mission Statement: To create artwork that some 200 to 300 years from now someone will look at it and be inspired to create their own VISION of artwork.

How long will you be inspired to try………

Photo from space of ISS

NASA photo of International Space Station


Figure in spacesuit at ISS.

NASA photo during time of troubles. Growing pains of learning NEW things. Just what I dreamed of. Inspiring to keep it alive and being creative themselves.

Other ideas I had, include:


2014, Asus computers informed me that the redesign of their laptop I had just bought could NOT BE RECONFIGURED to my specs. 2017, that lapto is still running with my RECONFIGURED SET-UP and no other laptop is available with a similar set up!

2016, spilled my coffee on my Asus laptop in a Mexico cafe, caused a short circuit on the motherboard, knowing I could not take it to any kind of repair shop, went to my little peasant quarters room & opened up the laptop, figured out the short and 4 days later was back on the internet in the cafe with a “jury-rigged system for the computer to keep working”. 2017, a year later the jury rig system still works & I am work on that same computer doing work 15 hours a day or more. I had no repair manual or service books on the laptop, just opened it up and started looking it over to see what was what and why it shut down on me.

1974, I did street photography at NIGHT, sure it was film but Street Photography was not a big thing yet and night photography was only a few people world wide. 2017, digital cameras have made “Street Photography” very common & night photography is also becoming VERY COMMON!

1996, I was warning people that the Y2K Bug was a fraud to get people to buy computers & there would be a huge collapse of the computer industry in 2000-2001 when those businesses were not needed.

2002-2003 was warning people that the Re-Finance business would collapse & real estate markets would fall below where they were. 2008, well the “Big Depression” started and is not over yet!

2014, Started to warn my friends of the 2017 change in USA government policy that it would be a fascism government with the new president. 2015 Warned people to expect TRUMPed to win.

1980s, started to dream of a traveling photographer/journalism lifestyle with a computer system to publish on. 2017, about the only TRUTHFUL REPORTERS in journalism are the independents like me who are not sellouts. Many Travel, sports, blog writer lifestyles are now everywhere for a person to make an income off of.

1970s, did designs for a trimaran to set the speed record on the “Around the World Sailing” 1981 was able to set foot on the “Spirit of America” in San Diego, the 1st foam and fiberglass body trimaran which set several world records for sailing speeds across the ocean racing distances.

1970, realized the ENTIRE VOTING SYSTEM in the USA was a farce. Became an activist of 3rd parties, while watching more and more RESTRICTIONS on people who were “independent or 3rd party voters.”

1970s, realized that FOOD COLORING & FOOD ADDITIVES was causing issues in humans in USA, read that the USA gave the same companies that produced said food coloring & additives PERMISSION to FIND CURES instead of removing the causes. Also noticed that psychriatists & doctors would put people on drugs then yank them off against the advice OF MEDICAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS. Also noticed that drug addicts going in for treatment often GOT GIVEN DRUGS TO ABUSE instead of treatment.

2014, was asked by Digital photographer Expert-Printing Expert at a lecture if a digital file he was looking at was a “high Resolution Scanned negative.” It was a totally digital camera image.

1990s was asked by several artists how I made my acrylic paintings look like oil paintings.

1965, told to never be a writer by grade school teachers, 2017, published 1000s of times in newspapers, magazines,e-books, e-magazines, calendars, blogs, and Q&A forums as writer, expert information, poet, & photographer in many subjects.

1979 to 1984, did design work on space propulsion systems, a MOON base & full working self contained & self sustaining city for the Moon, a small moon size space station, space asteroid mining equipment, space asteroid smelting and producing raw materials plus delivery system to the planet surface that to this day no one has any product in space using or any kind of business plans for the use of. However several countries are interested in doing such things including USA/NASA, China, Russia, India… these designs are now still in the back of my head & not on paper anywhere any more. In 1980, ALL NEEDED TECHNOLOGY EXISTED to make these items, in 2017 the increase in materials & computer tech simply makes everything that much easier & BETTER TO BUILD. My propulsion system for a lifting body would remove the current use of a “bomb under the astronaut’s butt” system. Only the “Sun Cell” does not yet have any technology to support it & that was something “very special” I would have to figure out how to create. It did however explain the “Star Wars Light Saber’s mini but extreme power source”. I stopped working on THAT DESIGN DUE TO HUMAN ARROGANCE & GREED.

1970s began working on the “Math of ESP, Why it works even if you do not Believe in it.” While I have never really been able to write the whole of the Math Theory into Human words, I can explain the concept suffincently enough to explain who & why a universe works, Why time Travel is possible but you can never change the past in the existing universe, how a Sun Cell works, Why Quantum Physics works, how your universe exists and why Dark Energy & Dark Matter Exist, even how it would be possible to travel between dimensions & on down the line. It is still possible that I will make public the theory of ESP MATH. It is linked to the understand of what a “True CHAOS’ is including why there is no end to time or existence.

1987, Received the Revelations 2:17 spiritual mark. Because I had never read gthe Bible at that point I did not just decide tosay I had it or dream of being given it. ANYONE IS WELCOME TO COME to trhe “Spiritual Realm” and STAND IN FRONT OF THE CHRIST ENTITY and argue it’s right to give me this mark. It is not for humans to give or take. Because to receive this mark you MUST HEAR ALL SPIRITS OF ALL CHURCHES, no pope, priest, preacher, or PERSON BELONGING TO ANY CHURCH can carry it. The fact that this person HEARS all “spirits” means they also OUT RANK ANY SINGLE RELIGION BELIEVING PERSON. the truth sucks folks but rules are rules.

1962, the COMPUTER PUNCH CARD CHRISTMAS WREATH… a Fad in USA for at least 10 years… I was just 4 yrs old.

2015, First time ever in a racing car and driving at racing speeds I took a race car to 160.5pmh after being told it would only do 153pmh. I was only in the race car and driving for 16 minutes total time.

1980s, a auto mechanic roommate who complain that every time he would work on my car, i would walk out and tune the car a little bit more myself and he could tell I had improved the running & smoothness of the engine. I have rebuilt 4,6,8 cylinder engines, brake systems, cooling systems & designed body work out of tin cans that people swore looked like a Porsche till you got up near it.

2007 to 2015, Konica Minolta digital press technicians did not mind my standing over their shoulder looking into the machines as they knew I was able to understand what was going on and would save them hours of diagnostic work because when they came in I could tell them where to look for an issue that they had got a service call for. They also were constantly amused that I got the machines to do “way more that the specs allowed.” I was in a small shop doing 100,000+ clicks per month. The print shop did $100,00 or more in business and it ALL crossed my desk.

1988 to 1997, while Photo Editor of 6 newspapers, specially after I started the change over to the computer/digital production of the newspapers, I was the preferred “Go To Person” for training. I was know for my ability to act nicely & explain things very plainly to people. I had a way with working with EVERYONE on their level. People did not feel insulted by asking me questions & knew I would answer them or show them what they needed to know, be it operating a camera or computer. When I left the Managing Editor and I talked later in 2000 and she told me it only took 2 years to find someone who could get anywhere close to what I could do in the wet darkroom or the computerized darkroom. During my tenure the newspaper won a lot of national & state awards for publishing design. After I left it was rare to hear of them getting anything, whether or not I had anything to do with that.

1989 to 1995, ran a screen printing business & digital graphics business. Was know for doing the real weird & very hard jobs, even when a screen printer opened doors across the street from me their customers would come and complain of shitty work and have me do it right. 2005, I was still getting requests to open back up.

1981, After sailing all night on len’s trimaran to Catalina Island one of the passengers came up and asked me where Catalina Island would be. It was fogged over in front of us, but he knew I had been at the wheel all night. I point to the bow and said something about “well you see the 2nd and 3rd bars of the guardrail, the West End should be right in there. He smiled and and we sat back to enjoy our morning coffee. Within about 10 minutes the fog burned off and there was the West End of Catalina Island right where I said it would be. he turned to me and quite shocked said, Next month I am in the Marina Del Ray to San Diego Race, please be a part of my crew. I would join him for that race & we did not win, but came in about 6th or 7th in our class. In 1982, len had a shit fit when I told him I was not going to captain his trimaran around the world fro him due to his abusive behavior. Len never did sail very far in the trimaran and later sold it off as just too must trouble to sail without a crew at hand.

2015 to 2017 in Mexico, do not speak the language, people steal from their own family, i.e. my landlord had her bank account number sent to me so I can deposit my rent direct to her account instead of giving to her 40 yr old daughter or any other family member. Was told “DO NOT GIVE YOUR RENT TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. Put it ONLY IN THE BANK ACCOUNT.” 19 months later nothing I did not intend to have stole or could allow to lose has been stole from me. The Local police and I have a respectful relationship, I can walk through 30 offices standing around and not have a single one question me. I have people act friendly if only to “be close enough to maybe get something from me.” I have stores & food places to keep my diet which I am allergic to beef & pork a staple of Mexicans out of my diet. I know where to get things I need. I walk around the town as I want, and kind of know where some of the bad areas are to stay away from during night but I put more of the street thieves & prostitutes at a disadvantage. I see them for what they are and don’t get con’d by them. I am even with no one to help me starting to learn a little Spanish so that I can talk to people in broken Spanish to find more things/places. 19 months & no issues other than it does take time to get things done or like a new better house is hard to find in a country where “For Rent” signs are rare. AND with the locals wanting my professional gear I don’t get any work in town, however they do not understand that the internet has jobs & I use a cafe to go out on the internet and find work. The cafe itself is one of the places that has worked to keep me from finding work including telling people to not do business with me so that I will go broke, so I am working right under their noses… painfully slow but with about a 12 markets I sell myself in, a little work does trickle in. I even found the bank with the lowest exchange rate on my own. I have no one here I can call an “amigo” friend. I have my own medical & health covered by knowing natural healing arts & keep myself healthy or cure my ills as needed.

1993 to 2003 Acting as my own lawyer, never lost a “Legal” case, in 1999, Judge Garrett Olney stated on the opening statement that at “No point Mr Vanderhoof will you be allowed any legal rights in my court. I do not care what you try to enter in court as evidence. I will deny it or overrule it. I do not like you and you will have no rights what-so-ever in y court room. 2002, Nov. Judge Garrett Olney stepped of the bench in total disgrace, I DID NOT FILE ANY PAPERWORK TO REMOVE HIM, I just out played his game at every level and filed criminal charges in every USA Legal department from Washington Dc to San Francisco. He stepped down and would retire from the court in 2006 before I was out of prison. He is one of the judges what has placed “Illegal felony charges” on me. The other judge is the judge he chose to replace him on the bench in 2002. Both judges are listed in the Supreme Court Documents dated in 2003, therefore THOSE TWO JUDGES ARE NOT ALLOWED BY USA LEGAL PRECEDENCE TO FILE ANY CHARGES ON ME TILL AFTER THEY FACE ME IN COURT ON MY CHARGES in a courtroom of MY CHOICE… The Supreme Court is therefore accomplice to felony actions including the use of torture when in 2004 I had my shoulder broken and put in a jail cell for 30 days and laughed at fro being in pain and told to never try to charge anyone with any kind of charges again. 2005 those two judges placed those charges and I w3as in prison with “THREAT OF DEATH IF I EVER TALKED OF MY HUMAN RIGHTS AGAIN IN A USA COURT ROOM. I was told by the doctor in Napa State Prison that “I will strap you down on a table and shoot you so full of drugs that you will never remember who you are or what happened to you if you ever mention Your Human Rights again. If you ever try to go into any court anywhere in the USA and fight this issue you will be killed. Understand Mr. Vanderhoof.” Judge Stanley Young gave Conni the mother of my son permission to remove Benjamin from California and never disclose where she was living to me. I has no contact with my son BECAUSE THE MOTHER DID NOT WANT THE CHILD TO HAVE A FATHER… Direct felony violation of California Child Custody Laws. Conni in those 10 years went through 3 different lawyers & we were before 3 judges and several “visiting judges”. I was in court as a lawyer for about 8 of those 10 years, once or more per month. I had perjury committed against me even. Conni in 1999 had her mother die & a hysterectomy the next month. She then filed a month later. In 2003, I questioned the child custody investigator who after 3 hrs of questioning stated she did not know of any medical concerns of a woman having a hysterectomy & death in a family even though the Calif Family law states that such issues must be taken into consideration and any court actions BLOCKED if mental issues like chemical imbalances due to operations are possible. The child custody investigator having these issues pointed out to her stated she saw nothing that needed to be redone in her reports. She was fine with declaring Conni mentally A BETTER PARENT BY HERSELF THAN ALLOWING ME IN ANY KIND OF CONTACT WITH MY SON…

1988 to 2017, on the internet, only times I have issues with viruses was during the early years at the newspaper. I have connections in the USA, Africa, Europe, Japan, India, Pakistan, Australia, China, Mexico, & South/Central America. I have in the past 2016-2017 time period turned in about 6 to 10 people for hacking attempts of my system or others. No one has “hacked” me ever. I have high end security and programmer type programs that while I do not program due to my dyslexica ,I can run and do checking into the sub systems of my computer. I do qualify as a power user. I often will let a “hacker” play out long enough to enough on them to turn them in to Facebook or LinkedIn or other system admins. I can work on MAC, PC or Linux.

2015, Bought a Epson 7900 Stylus Pro $4000 photographic printer for $800, the print head was clogged. New head costs $2000, did a cleaning system I found on Youtube repeating fro a period of a almost a month. Would put a print off my printer next to the same file from a professional photographer’s same 7900 Epson printer and we agreed the only difference would be marginal of using different machines, standard error differences. I had successfully cleaned the head.

Dec 2015 in Mexico had an auto accident. Wiped out $50,000 in photography equipment and truck & trailer. Was taken to a hotel where10 days later I had repaired the truck & trailer to drive 900 miles deeper into Mexico. Laid the truck on it’s side, trailer had been reduced to a flat bottom with wheels in the accident. Went through at least 15 different Mexican Police, Federai & Military check points with a “Mad Max” truck never paying any bribes and always within 10 to 20 minutes on my way. Yes, even had the truck & trailer x-rayed at one military check point.

1980, I designed a hydro foil trimaran, 2017 America’s Cup ACC catamarans are HYDRO FOIL.

1988, I GOT LAUGHED AT by the Publishing Company for suggesting that “THE INTERNET WAS OF IMPORTANT TO THE NEWS INDUSTRY” 1993 I began helping install & train computer graphics & internet AT THE SAME PUBLISHING CO.

1997, I had a food stand & started to sell by email notice (food industry) PEOPLE NOW RECEIVE TWITTER & EMAIL regularly for FOOD TRUCKS IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD.



1978, In a Los Angeles County Sheriff training room LISTENED TO THE INSTRUCTOR tell the cadets to “SHOOT TO KILL NEVER TO STOP. But if anyone asks, just tell them you FEARED FOR YOUR LIFE & were only trying to stop them.” LASD was the Go to Police Dept from 1970sw to 2014 in USA THAT IS NOW THE MOST COMMON STATEMENT OF ANY POLICE SHOOTING!

1981 to 1982, I did a car design and my roommate came home in 1983 and showed me a Car & Driver magazine with the car on the cover “A Fiero”, it had Plastic body parts same as my design, and in Nevada you could even buy aV-6 5 speed transmission which my design had. It was a mid engine design SAME AS MY DESIGN… It only lacked the twin turbo system…


1962-1963, I created the computer punchcard Christmas Weath. San Fernando Valley, Gemco parking lot. Got given a box of punch cards (LADWP), I asked for some. Playing around created a christmas weath. Played around, cleaned it up some made some more and and dad took me to Gemco. Sold so fast he was suprized. Next year did more and added more to them, had competition, but still sold out of 12-15 units max. 3rd year, so many people doing it Dad said No More.

1980, started drawing designs of winged keel boats, made designs of winged keel trimamiran, a hydro-foil setup. 1982? New Zealand wins America’s Cup with winged keel boat. Claim first use of design.

1982 I start talking and designing a car for myself out of my Pinto, Raymond jokes at why do’t I just start from scratch. I decide to do so. About a year later, Raymond comes in and tosses me a Car and Driver magazine, “Here’s your car! Right down to the plastic body panels!”

1994ish, I put a sticky note on my wall a drawing of a spiderweb and spider. “Webcrawlers, internet search company”…….. yes if you Google it, there is an internet search/research company called Webcrawlers, or once was.

1994ish I took an invention through the patent processes to show my son how it worked. I stopped the process when it was shown that someone else also had a similar idea. That idea has NEVER SHOWN UP ON THE MARKET! My son turned to me and asked, “How do we protect it?” When I told him that the Top side of a CD is important side. The SILVER IS THE DATA STORAGE MEDIA. Thought about for a few minutes and decided the easiest would be to put a vinyl cover on it. Clear so you see the griginal label. I had a vinyl cutter, was doing lettering for signage. And yeah, I had, so a few days later I had the prototype.

If anyone sees these on the market, send me a photo please! I mean my son is 24 now, ask him but 5-7 yrs old was what I remember!    Almost 20 yrs billions of CD and DVDs in Sales………Ain’t seen just a basic protection cover.      Of course, we all have flash drives, soon SSD sticks will on the market. Robert Heinlien FANS !!! PLEASE ENTER A BEST GUESS AT WHEN WELDON CUBES BECOME REALITY!   Those of you others, weldon cubes were just Robert’s super memory containers. I remember a comment in a story of some thing like 15 cubes held the records of 100’s of planets with populations in the billions for over a thousand years of medical, financial, building designs an ENTIRE Government COMPUTER MEMORY OF A PLANET IN ONE CUBE. And the 15 cubes fit in a single suitcase. (my favorite sci-fi book TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE, R.H.   I want to build me that ship and computer and add the device from Number of the Beast. personal challenge to myself) Everyone take Guess! or tell/show me, Humans are at the point now with SSD memory.

So, I am weird, love to create and inspire others to create.

Hope this Inspires you to Help Unite THE HUMAN RACE AND SAVE OUR PLANET!

And may you WISH upon my star as much as you want!!!!!!!!!

With lovingkindness energy and compassion  for the Universe,


UPDATE 20150815

I am sorry, there has to LOGICALLY HAVE a starting point, that ONE since Person having that ONE SINGLE MOMENT of thought, held on to long enough to become a dream. Then energized enough to become a physical object that can be shared, so that others may begin to envision the possibilities of what could some day become the International Space Station.     I am that ONE PERSON WHO HAD THE ONE THOUGHT. ISS is my Baby,

Please note, I did understand that the IDEA by a “nameless Kid” was easy to steal. I designed THE LETTER as an easy target for the greedy politicans and most of course the Republicans , greedy would dream of all the WARS Machines they could build.

I was worried it would All go to Military, (what parent doesn’t worry about gangs with weapons stealing their children and beating everone into submission.) But I am spared that horror for the moment.

However they the government and yes NASA may NOT want you to know WHO Created it.

I’m tired and going to sleep, but first I want it known I accept all and any challenges to my story.

There will be rules, my rules……

ALL Challenges MUST BE IN AN OPEN PUBLIC FORUM. No LIMIT on WHO may come. First come First Serve sitting. ONLY FREE EVENTS. Live webcasting as possible. NO LIMITS ON PUBLIC RECORDING OF EVENTS, FREE DISTRUBUTION OF SAID RECORDING OF FUTURE EVENTS TO BE DREAMED OF! (All people will be expected to be respectful of others, keep your tripods and cameras out of the way as much as possible.)

ANY REASONABLE request for an OPEN interview for ALL JOURNALISTS,  sorry as a Photo Editor for newspapers, I never turned helping a reporter to do better AND I DO NOT KNOW WHO WILL WRITE THE BEST STORIES. (best as decided by the Human RACE!)

I have FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ALL AREAS OF EVENT INVOLVMENT INCLUDING PARKING AND SITTING AREAS, backstages and maintenance or service accesses to ensure people’s safety as best I can.  TO RECORDING VIDEO, AUDIO, AND STILL CAMERAS. OR ANY OTHER DEVICES OF MY CHOICE. IT’S MY STORY AND I WILL TRY TO KEEP AN ACCURATE RECORD OF THESE THINGS. You all Get YOUR VERSION. If I ever have any lineage to think of other than my son, it would be nice to have FAMILY record.

All evidence MUST be produce-able. i.e. …this apple hit me on the head.  Got apple, or a lump on the head?  If it is a logical arguement I must be shown some thing within the first 15 minutes of the person’s point of view that is different from just saying, “I do not believe you.” The evidence of me IS EVERYWHERE in the world, I DO NOT HAVE TO TIME TO LISTEN TO A BUNCH OF YAHOOs REPEATING THE SAME STUPID WORDS WITHOUT EVEN THINKING BEFORE SPEAKING.

No less than 3 independant news agencies must be present. NO LIMIT ON WHO CAN COME.  Fow News is welcome to come and watch. Then go back to their studios and lie to the world. Sorry, I do Support Free Speech. Just keep yourself out of my face, if you don’t like Feedback!

(update 20150816: In order to explain why FOX NEWS is invited, my feeling are like this,

People listen to Fox News, therefore they have not only the Right to their opinion but a market that wants them.

However if by some chance, one of those listeners after hearing those comments by FOX decides to go look at the post itself……..WOW,

Regardless of the outcome, that person just had a real THINKING THOUGHT! What did that guy say??……If one person per show were to have that ephiany of actual THINKING, who knows in a few hundred years FOX could be out of business!  So, yes any and ALL  PRESS! School is in session.)

Physical objects and Logical Debates will win my favor.

Must show merit of my time put forth in the challenge. I.E. someone just calling me names may find themselves the object of a lesson to the WORLD about how Name calling, Labeling, Grouping in ethic data, or speciality data.     Simply jealousy, turned into a fear of the NEW possibilites, by scare tactics. So yes, I will teach the world to get along as best I can

No government, organization, court, group etc may violate these rules in any way consistant with Violating my RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING BORN ON EARTH. NO ONE MAY FORCE ME TO DO ANYTHING FOR ANY REASON.

NO  claims of ownership my person, or claims of anything of my intellitual property may to be enforced WITHOUT PROOF OF BEING CREATED BY A GOD! I consider myself intellitual property and will protect myself as such. I am a steward of the Human Race at the moment getting you into space, THEREFORE THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT IN PARTICULAR may NOT make any CLAIMS OF PROTECTING ME. They are full of corruption and SUPPPORT VIOLENCE! I must support the most logical beings, NOT the MOST ILLOGICAL.  I am here for what is called the 99%, however the other 1% may learn and join. NO HARD FEELS, IT IS A BRIGHT AND NEW FUTURE.    Compassion, lovingkindness energy will defeat any army if known how to use the Energy’s TOOLS.

No man-made objects may be entered as proof of ownership. I must be able to verify it to be beyond a physical object created by human ego. A piece of wood bark is Creator made. A piece of paper is man-made or other, i.e. paper wasp. Paper is not Creator made, therefore not paper or writing is to be used to block me from helping the world and Human Race. The damage is REAL. It will take decades to just get equipment to fix things BUILT. I help WHO I CHOOSE I HELP AND THAT IS THE HUMAN RACE.

I live in societies and expect myself to be respectful of these societies, but if I need to be somewhere, I’m not stopping for some government that wants to lay some CLAIM TO PAIN ON SOMEONE ELSE. SHAME ON YOU! Help PEOPLE, STOP RUBBING YOURSELVES IN SELF INDULGENCE, thinking that poor sucker, I Got air conditioning…or food, or how about some of you with huge empty building in cities, OPEN THE DOORS! Help People.


(I am an Artist, I see my ego! Do you see yours??)



I DO NOT SUPPORT THE ILLOGICAL NOTION that little pieces of paper humans call money are for ANY REASON more important LIVING BEINGS OF ANY SORT.  Money is Ego thing………never ask ME to hurt or kill for money.  I am not that disrespectful of MY CREATOR! Anyone killing, raping, destroying the environment will be understood as insane and trying to commit suicide and Genocide. Proper action to teach you not to HATE YOURSELF will be taken and the planet protected.


Update: 20150815 2035hrs.

I hereby request that members of Anonymous be MY OFFICAL HISTORIANS,

Such a loose knit organization with a wide variety of intelligent people will not build a Social Order that stiffles Imaginations, Dreams, and HUMAN BEING Rights!  Social order is the greatest threat to Humankind, it invites corruption, laziness, lack of care, like of interest, doing robot routines day in and day out, BECAUSE A COUPLE OF FAT CATS ON TOP ARE EVEN LAZIER! Social Order is the Domination of Thinking to suspress thinking.


Human Beings DID THE WORK!

So, if Anonymous does Accept the responsibility of guarding history for the Human Race as we evolve into Spacefaring beings and join the intergalactic family.

P.S. all radio signals coming in to astrophysics are millions of years old………….do you think some thing has changed in a million years??

Let’s look with open eyes!!! Not limited allowable responses searches.

Because with Anamyous as my historian, they will keep Rumors, vague ideas, conspiracy theorists, and all kinds of qustions forming so people will continue to THINK BY THINKING! and Looking for their Dreams!

Of course Any And All people are Most welcome to record their versions of the just as we have always done.

Special Update: I would like to offically ask NASA to be the first ARTIST (as an artist) In Residence. I will began drawing up designs of an ARTIST Module.

At the moment I see a large glass sphere on a long arm out away from the Station but connected. IN side the sphere a gymballed platform that would allow the artist to rotate anyway to see most of the 360 degree view.

Are there any Artists who would like to work on this project with me and design a module?? Let me know!

UPDATE 20150816: OK, so I thought about it.   I’ll make a drawing but, ARTISTS…….imagine a sphere, mostly glass, (sorry Scotty have not looked to your clear aluminum …Star Trek!)  Buckminister Fuller building blocks type stuff, and in the center a platform with arms to reach OUT to walls of the sphere. I would want the arms to be at least 10 to 15 feet long. So when you are working on the Platform you would have from BELOW THE HORIZEN view in 360 degrees!

Update 20150816 1358hrs: OK, so back from a walk and further development in, on and of The Artist’s Platform to the Stars!….. or whatever. 50 ft minimum diameter sphere with the platform as I pointed out floating so to speak on a rotational system inside.

  1. Both sides of platform cover with solar cells. No matter what angle platform is in some part will always be in light when on the sunny side of Earth.
  2. All batteries, motors, data storage systems, modular lights and air flow devices, MY COFFEE MAKER!, storage containers ARE IN THE PLATFORM.
  3. If someone wants a Steinway Piano or a WHOLE CONCERT performance up there I want to Happen! Glass sphere MUST have it’s own Doors, to get sculptures or any kind of artwork or tools, or whatever an ARTIST might need IN OR OUT!
  4. Geo-dome stuff for the sphere Bucky’s ideas! Still some of the Best!

Does that View inspire any ARTISTS??

UPDATE: 20150820  0800hrs  Yesterday, I was able to connect to a movie person looking for scripts. Currently working on Blue Blood.  Tomorrow, I will be discussing my upcoming Book, “How I created the International Space Station and the Creative Process.”  Please keep sharing this story, WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

UPDATE 20150824 0028HRS:

As I explain myself, slightly let me give you an example of what a “Best Friend” of mine is like,

Bill Timms lived in Quincy, Ca, and his son and my son were of similar age. Bill found out I was sailor from my past and he had several boats he took up to the nearby lake.

We build a friendship up quickly, going sailing a lot and sharing this with our sons. Bill my friend, who would go off and leave his son playing with my son and me watching over sometimes all DAY. He would say “back in an hour”. Later I get them lunch, no Bill, around dinner time either I go to the bar to find Bill telling sailing stories. Or get the kids dinner and Bill would wander in saying, oh sorry. After a few weeks of this and my son liking to play with Alex, I just accepted Bill’s use of me as a sitter. My son was happy.

When my ex-wife started to make noise of wanting ME out of my son’s life because she hated me and men,

My “Best Friend” told me I was not to come over if it was NOT my day to see my son. He even agreed that there was “No Legal Reason”, he just was going to defend the mother against me. He did not want me around my son, “Just Because!” His own words.

When my ex-wife took my son and hid him for 12 years, my “Best Friend” told me he would not tell me where my son was and in no way help me contact my son. He has never given me any information. He has still called wanting to talk boats.

So you see, I have no need of you people that ACT like this. And yes this typical of relationships.

I’ll take a meth addict that received a $10,500 check in the mail, knew I was in prison in a mental hospital and sent it to a lawyer neither of us knew………that HUMAN CARED!

I mean let’s face it, a meth addict if you walk in those circles, “Will steal your wallet and then help you look for It!” and that was all I had. The lawyer was a referral from a REAL Schizo!

And Society calls them names too, instead of helping them.

How Sad!

This is the story of almost everyone who Claims to be close to me…..i.e.

Even with the evidence of the corruption in police and courts, that person that I called dad for so many years was TODAY, in telling the CONTRACTOR, I’m crazy because I have been trying to get a problem solved at our family apt and he doesn’t think he “AS OWNER” should have to pay for anything.

And tonight he told me that I was abusive to him for telling him the facts. He continues to say that Plumas County Sheriffs arresting me, breaking my arm in the process and being sentenced to 30 days in jail so I will learn to shut up about abuse to my son. I was REFUSED ANY AND ALL REQUESTS for medical attention. I was told I was lying. My arm would only go up to shoulder height and TO THIS DAY goes only a little higher.

According to Leonard Aldis Vanderhoof, the man who’s name is on my birth certificate, the actions of the police was proper because I have to be forced to understand I need medical help for MENTAL CONDITION I have never had any symtoms of. They to seem to feel that control of me in not a violation of my Human Rights.

Since when is SLAVERY LEGAL in America Again??

I have many memories of the Tenants coming to the door and asking for the manager, and me standing there crying because my dad was hitting or yelling at me. They would tell my “Dad” to his face, you are the owner, Peter is the Manager. He fixes things. My dad would let me leave and these people would take me up to their apartments and calm me down. Be nice to me and keep me out of dad’s way time and time again. Yes, it was that loud, that the upstairs apt unit 4 was my rescuer and friend for a few years.

The man who my birth certificate says is my father,

Has never supported in any of my projects, THAT DID NOT INCLUDE I SERVE TO HIM FOR LIFE!

I was no swim team one summer. He never showed up, even at the end of summer when I got some kind of trophy for most improved swimmer. No practices, no races, and yes when I got swimmer’s ear and could not compete in the End of Summer Match, I got in trouble for the doctor’s bill. He never even looked at the trophy.

He Never sat down to even one night of homework with me in 13 years of school.

He never came to any events and never asked or concerned himself that I was having to come home and run the apartment building and make sure Dad’s dinner was on the table at 5 pm Sharp. I was assigned this job when I was 8. The year before he bought the apartment building.

He has taken almost everything I can think of that he every gave me that was not a Christmas or birthday present. No partnership has ever been formed with my involvement at conception that protected my right to MY LIFE. It was many years after the partnership on the apt that dad told me he needed the tax write-off and did it.

And true to his cycle of ACTION, Jan. 1 2015, I launched new business.

Jan 6: boss offers “Work or Quit” I quit, last day to be day before emergency hernia operation.

Jan 21, operation

Jan 22: I am working full on putting in the hours for the business. Note on computer that it is at my weight limit.

Jan 30: Leonard asks me to be his travel buddy. I state as long as I can keep building my business.

Mid Feb. I no longer do anything but arrange trips for Leonard, I have no time to do any of my errands.

Leonard has spoken to the doctor I used to get off the ILLEGAL drug the Plumas County and Napa Mental Hospital put me on with THREATS OF VIOLENT BEHAVIOR if I did not let them drug WITHOUT AND TOTAL REFUSAL OF FACTS AND IN THE FACE OF FACTS.

The doctor after getting some 400 hours of meditation and mental training mp3 files. Called me the next day or I called him he said it was time drug me because I was taking care my father, I was trying to have MY LIFE! So the man known as Veit BUI of Torrance Calif was informed to NEVER TRY TO TREAT ME AGAIN or I would put Human Trafficking charges on HIM for telling me he would drug me into servitude to my abusive so called dad.

At the moment I am in a motel.

I do not know if I will get any of my belonging back.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring.

I don’t even know if anyone will let alone care.

I only know that once again, I stood up for human beings and Leonard Vanderhoof has blamed me of abuse because I have tried to help our tenants in an 8 unit building after a sewer back up. I can show emails of him telling me to tell the contractor “TO NOT DO ANYTHING TILL THE INSURANCE PAYS, he does NOT want to pay for anything.     2 months later, he is still crying about having to spent money. He KEEPS telling me that he has NEVER MADE ANY MONEY OFF the apartment building in 47 years.  One unit has lived there for 25 years. They bring in $1,200 per month, when they first came they paid $475 for a 1 bedroom.  I did some fast math before I knew the rent, $500 per month times 12 months is $6,000 times 25 is $150,000.  See, Leonard claims no money but this one unit in the real numbers is more $300,000, and he told these people he is too broke to fix their apartment.

THESE TENANTS, some have been using a toilet in the back of the building for 2 months and he complains that he doesn’t have any money to pay for anything, in from of the contractor and tenants.


Simple fact to check, he has/will spent close to $100,000 on 3 trips THIS YEAR, all planned AFTER Jan. 22, 2015. He leaves on the 3rd trip on the 26th.

How Sad.

The history is FACTUAL evidence, broken bones and being told No till the Jr. High School said, Hey it’s been 3 days, the child’s arm is Swollen, the child is in PAIN.   I had to walk 3 miles to a dr office. Get and x-ray, be show a 3 inch long fracture in my left arm. Have cast put on walk 3 miles back to school. Show them the doctors note that YES, the arm is broken.

When I got home I was punished for have spent money to get my arm looked at.

While I have never had any parental love……….

I challenge you to go ask my son if I loved him as a child. Ask him if I tried to abuse him.

And then ask yourselves,

Why do you Hate me?

just think of it, at 4 years of age I looked up into the sky and said “I’m going up there some day.” (1962) At 4 years of age, I had enough of this planet to want off permenently.

A 57 the bulk of society is still trying to hurt or use me and tell me how much they either don’t care people are hurting me or they themselves are mad because I am standing up once again from the abuse……I guess I never really did understand why humans think they are so great, won’t let some one they hate leave. DON’T CARE THEY ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE to they home.

When I was young, amusingly, leonard (sorry, I can’t call him dad after telling me torture was proper treatment for me), anyway, he would tell people, “oh, this is Peter. If he says something you better listen.” one day I pointed out he was hitting me again……..Since then he has always told everyone I am crazy, need mental help. I stopped him from hitting me physically by being on a swim team and growing several inches and 30 lbs. Opps I was bigger than him. I put him against the wall of the kitchen, my nose was bloody from his slapping me around, and I told him, “never hit me again, I’m family.” (note I did not say his son, because I knew and understood from monthly reminders, I was on this earth to slave for him. I owed him for everything he put before me.) He sputted and walked out. I did not throw a punch. I put my hand in under his chin, he was striking me, so I stopped him. a few minutes later he came in and accused me of hitting him. My nose still running, him not even a mark of holding him.

See violent people will beat you to prove they will not let you be peaceful.

oh, dear, I’m talking again. but that’s alright. Only the stars in the night sky are listening.

goood night









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