Up the coast, location scouting.

Point Vicente Lighthouse, Catalina Island in the distance. 2014

Point Vicente Lighthouse, Catalina Island in the distance. 2014

Well, there was not much of  sunrise this morning. But I drove up the coast a couple of miles, looking for places to come back to shoot in better light.

Sometimes you just have to go out and see where the light is and where it will be at sunrise or sunset to decide if a shot might work. Getting out there and looking through the viewfinder, (in the old days they had and sometimes still use cardboard frames and loupes) to see THE crop.

The above photo, I walked around for a couple minutes, then spent a couple more minutes framing up the shot.

Shot a few frames, changed my mind and moved to horizontal, slowed the shutter way down. Got out a cheap graduated neutral density filter. I use cheap plastic ones because I can stick one or 2 in my vest. Fast grab, just hold it up in front of the lens. Stuff it back in the pocket. Throw it out when it is too scratched. Most of the time I shoot, I have my vest, but I don’t always have a backpack with the filter holder and filter wallet. Saved a few shots that way. When I’m rich and have porters carrying my gear, I’ll have the $10,000 glass filter set in it’s special padded box. Maybe sooner, just leave the box in the truck and take only what I need after this surgery heals and I can carry A LOT more of my gear.

Anyway, note the blur on the splash on the wave over the rocks below. Slow shutter and tripod. Shot some shots with a fast shutter just to have some. Nice thing about digital!

Started walking again.

Walk path Point Vicente Lighthouse. Catalina Island in distance. 2015

Walk path Point Vicente Lighthouse. Catalina Island in distance. 2015

Walking a little farther along the path I came to this. Oh, just calling out to be shot. Diagonal lines of the fence lead the viewer up to the lighthouse on the point. The Point leads out to the island in the distance. I make it a personal view by putting the viewer on the path itself at a low eye level. A little Lightroom magic to pull the shadows in the bottom left corner up, pull the highlights down in the upper left corner sky. A travel poster shot?? Postcard?? Needs a better sky.

But I know where this place is and can get there in short order if I see a great sky building. Of course I might not get Catalina Island in the next shot, it’s 22 miles out. Maybe, just maybe the muse will be nice and I’ll be there at the right time!!

I’m hoping to check out some old haunts, parks that had little Neat areas. Going tomorrow morning, chase some early morning light.

Till then, Please leave me comments, I love to hear from all of you.

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