It’s a Give-Away! 8×10 framed original Photograph by Vanderhoof Photography


Trona Pinnacles 2015

Trona Pinnacles 2015

Just post a photo of yours in my comments section and I will add you to a drawing for an 8 x10 original photograph, printed on archival paper, matted, signed and framed. Outside frame dimensions 12.5 x 15.5 inches.

I will select 4-6 photos that the winner can choose from and print each photo to order on archival paper. I will ship it to the winner free of charge.

Yes, this is part of my advertising/marketing. I want people to interact with my blog. I want to show off what I shoot so I can make a living.

I’m sure I will offer Fine Art Prints in promotions in the years to come as well.

Let’s see how many people can get a photograph posted by Friday, Feb. 13th. I’ll announce the winner on Sat. Feb. 14th.

So, every week starting on Saturday and ending on Friday, anyone posting a photograph in my “Comments” (nothing X-rated, will consider classic nudes as fine art, but I will keep it to clean artistic nudes.), will be entered in that week’s contest. Odds depend on how many people enter. While you may post more than 1 photo, you name will only be entered in the drawing once. Winners will not be allowed to enter again, but may continue to post photos anyway. After all I want you all to come back and stay a while.

I will run this drawing till June 27, 2015. The last winner will be announced June 28, 2015. (unless I’m out of town.)


Warning: I may be out traveling and have to vary this schedule some. But what can you expect for free………

So talk it up. Post some photographs. Let’s have some fun! I look forward to seeing all you photographs.

Also I’m editor of the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter Camera Committee’s newsletter Focal Points. So I’m seeing a lot photos of members as the travel around and keeping my hand in the design business. I’m sure I’ll be talking about travel with them as well travels with my father and Clive, my camping/photography friend.

My Dad, (world traveler that he is), is looking at the Great Lakes area and a Norway cruise. The Norway cruise I have the choice of either London or Rotterdam as the embarking point. Have not been to Europe yet, so anyone having input on which City/area I might enjoy photographic-ly more. Or just some insights on those places. Let me a message in the “Comments”. Will spend a day or so in one of those cities before the cruise.

Len's Vanderhoof's wall map showing all the places he has been, (red pins) places he wants to go (green or blue). He is 90!

Len’s Vanderhoof’s wall map showing all the places he has been, (red pins) places he wants to go (green or blue).
He is 90!

And yes those are pins in Antarctica.

Creative shooting,



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