They said it could not be done……..opps, too late.

They said it could not be done!

ASUS G751JY-DH71 up and running after changing the SSD partition. ASUS said it could not be done. Still going 45 days later. Screen shot date 20150131

ASUS G751JY-DH71 up and running after changing the SSD partition. ASUS said it could not be done. Still going 45 days later. Screen shot date 20150131

So, yes! If you read my earlier post about Working Smarter, I talked of getting a new laptop. I live with my Dad. He’s 90. Got a nice place, nice view. We respect each other now. Not always that way…..non-violence can change even the very stubborn. I’m sure we BOTH CHANGED!

But I still am activist-creative-artist-businessman.

However there is place here yet to setup a graphics workstation, so I bought a powerful laptop.

When I chose the ASUS G751JY-DH71, I thought I was getting a 256GB SSD.

Now FIRST OFF, ALL I knew about SSD drives was what I read for about an hour before deciding on the SSD. One comment that kept coming up was that the SSD slows down as it passes 55% full. OK, so, SSD, Solid State Drive, no moving parts like in a platter hard drive. Yes, things move, no I don’t know what. Electrons are moving in and out of memory chips. The chips wear out with use. So does your sectors on platter hard drives. I have read other documents that say this slowing down isn’t necessarily so. The SSD drive in my laptop looks more like a RAM chip than a hard drive. There are several companies developing SSD drives. An SSD drive, they say is 1000 times faster than a standard platter hard drive.

I am not an expert, I just have this habit of learning everything I can about equipment I run in a business. As a kid I took things apart, and yes, I did start fixing a lot of stuff. At 9 yrs. old, my Dad bought an apartment building. As one tenant explained to my Dad. “Peter is the Manager, You are the owner. I need the manager.”

OK, so 1st computer was an IBM compatible 8088. Did not like DOS. Was not worth the trouble. 1988

6 months later, January 1989, I bought a screen printing business. Needed to do graphics at home. Heard of computers doing stuff.

Talked to my brother, he told me of MAC. Bought a MAC II with 2mb RAM & 80mb hard, 13 inch color MAC monitor, keyboard, mouse and a 300dpi LaserWriter II. $7500. Had so much fun, I still do graphics. Just like photography more and now I get to do both.

1989, I was in Quincy, CA. The middle of a National Forest.

It was a 2 hour drive to a real electronics store in Reno Nv. Then 2 hours back. I learned what made things work and what to do to keep things running. Bought a lot of spares. Even after the business shut down, I had the system up and running.

So I did a bit of research into getting this laptop, (I have NO place for a desktop machine. I’m trying to figure out my extra screen as it is calibrate-able. I do some big files.) I figure I need a SSD drive about 250GB based on the programs I run or will run in the near future.

So when the ASUS G751Y showed up with a C drive of 95-97GB. I’m like, Opps, that’s not going to work.

So I look through the User’s Manual, no help. Look on line, no help.

It’s Fri. night. I’m leaving on a camping trip in the morning.

Shoot off an email to ASUS. Shoot off email to brother and son. They might know since they do computer IT.

OK, Backup the drive. Make Rescue drive. Now we play. I start looking around. Disk manager, dumb logic. I’ll just delete the D drive first. See what happens.

Well….I copied files over to the C drive. As I got to 50+ GB it slowed down. Not good. At 93-95 GB it just froze up.

Failure. Shut it down.

Go camping.

Monday night I get home from work. Check email on old computer. ASUS replies “that what I want to do, can’t be done.”

My brother and son both don’t have any idea what to do without starting over with a clean drive.

So I figure I will look at it some more, got an idea. I’ve deleted the D drive, but the partition info still exists in the SSD drive itself. Standard erases the location info from the System Directory, but generally does NOT change the data on the drive.

You need to run a program that erases “Blank sectors”. Since I had to erase all the stuff I copied as well. I decided to use the Windows System Recovery Program to do a complete wipe of the C drive and reinstall the software.


When the computer was done. I was right. It did Not reinstall the partition. I had a 226GB C drive. My external Seagate USB is showing up in the D drive. E & F are the 1TB platter drive partitioned into 2 drives.

OK, once again I move files. In this screen shot the C drive is WAY over 95GB and still running.

ASUS G751JY with modified SSD C drive. Now at 226GB with 75% full.

ASUS G751JY with modified SSD C drive. Now at 226GB with 75% full.

As you can see, I have folder with 151 GB of files in it. I had to use Photoshop to make the screen shot, so yes things were working.

Send ASUS a copy of the screen shot.  I deleted the folder and began loading all my programs, some like Adobe I did earlier so I had something on the computer to work with.

I started using programs, setting up my workflow. I let Lightroom catalog all my digital photos from the past few years. I started downloading programs off the web, installing programs, and running them ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

I wanted to make the computer work, so I could see what would happen. At one point I Hugin running to make panoramas and got pissed that there was a weird color shift happening. So I loaded the files into Photoshop panorama preset and let it run. I don’t use Photoshop to make panos very often any more. Files are Huge and do strange shapes.

So yes 2 programs making panorama photos at the same time. (Each was crunching I think 13 post-processed jpegs. Photoshop will do Raw, but Hugin will only do jpegs.) Needed to do same files to see what was the issue.

In the 1st screen shot at the top, you can see the Photoshop pano file info. In Photoshop, the Photoshop window calls it a 13GB file size. In the properties as you can see it is a 5.85GB file. At the bottom you can see I have several programs up and running at the same time. All programs need RAM and scratch disk space. I have “Save”, “Download” operations go to the E drive, leaving the SSD open for the operating system and programs to use. If I need to I can put files on the SSD for the extra speed and backup later. Removing them when done. For now, I have a working computer as a graphics workstation in the form of a laptop. I have been using this computer under working conditions for month and a half, while there are the occasional lockups, day to day operations are running smoothly.



Yes, my whole life I have been doing this. “Ah, Peter, that won’t work.” me, “Why not?”

So, while I don’t recommend to do this to YOUR COMPUTER! If you are like me and need a laptop that does run FAST and POWERFULLY, kind of like a desktop model, for graphics. Then you might need to know this.

And remember, when they say it can’t be done! “Ask Why Not! Investigate! Try new things!

Sometimes it can be DONE!

Creative Shooting everyone,



All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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