Landscapes Vasquez Rocks

Well I went to Vasquez Rocks, just north of Los Angeles with a group. The leader has been out there before many times and knew some interesting shots to be had.

I knew before hand that I would make several of the shots black and white in post production (Photoshop) so I kept this in mind as I shot. It helps to think in black and white, mostly contrasts between the light areas, (whites and grays) and the shadows, (dark grays and blacks). I also was working with a new graduated neutral density filter set up, trying it out. It had rained the day before so there were lots of clouds in the sky to make things interesting visually.

View of man crawling in some rocks to get a photograph.

Our fearless leader shows us how to get the shot. f/11 1/30 sec ISO 200, 10-22@20mm

As you can see it was a tight spot to crawl into, but the shot was interesting as you can see here.

shot though a hole in a rock

Shot though a hole in the rock, you had to crawl to get to. f/11 1/200 sec, ISO 200 10-22@12mm

As you can see it was a very different kind of shot, not the normal. How our fearless leader found the shot we never learned, but it seems he looks for these kind of shots all the time. As you will see he took us to several of these shots.

view though rocks at rocks

f/11, 1/200 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@15mm

Trying to make a nice composition with these elements is a little tougher as almost all the rocks at at angles. But still the balance is needed to make the shot work.

f/11, 1/160 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@12mm

f/11, 1/160 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@12mm

As I said earlier I also made several of my photos into black and white.  Here are the examples,

wide angle view of Vasquez Rocks

f/10, 1/320 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@15mm

close up of rocks with view of rocks in back

f/11, 1/160 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@20mm

view of rocks at Vasuez Rocks

f/11, 1/160 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@13mm

view of vasquez rocks

f/11 1/80 sec, ISO 100, 10-22@14mm

Now here are some color shots to let the viewer decide if they like it better in color or in black and white.

color shot of Vasquez Rocks

f/10 1/400 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@17mm

View of angular rocks at Vasquez Rocks

f/10, 1/250 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@22mm

color shot of rocks at Vasquez  Rocks

f/10, 1/200 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@20mm

view of Vasquez Rocks

f/10, 1/125 sec, ISO 200, 10-22@22mm

Anyway, that’s the best of the photos of my trip to Vasquez Rocks. Hope it shows you some various ways to put together compositions in landscapes. Like I said I used a graduated neutral density filter to darken the sky and balance out the exposure. I hope I’ve given you some idea of the setting used and how to play with your camera and learn more about it. Happy shooting.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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