4th of July Laser show

First off before I start this post let me say something about the shooting at Newtown, Conn. Yes it is a shame and I hurt very badly to think that our world has come this far and we still find ways to hurt each other so often. I do not believe we can protect ourselves from ever wacko, crazy person. They will always find ways to reach out and hurt people, look at China where guns are outlawed. The attacks are with knives and clubs/hammers, so the mentally challenged will always be looking for ways to hurts the unsuspecting. Maybe some day mental health care will be easier to get than getting a gun, for now it isn’t. With that said, my prayers go out to the families of the dead and injured. I’m a father and an uncle and I would hate to lose any one of them. My oldest niece Lianna has been diagnosed as having a low grade brain tumor. She is 5 and half, so this isn’t easy to deal with either. My Christmas holidays is not very bright this year. I hope everyone does much better and says a prayer for All the dead, injured, and others would have survived the pains of life this year.

This week’s photographs are from a 4th of July party where there was a laser show. People started to shoot pictures with their cell phones, yes with flash and of course the laser lights didn’t show up. So I went out an got my camera and set the ISO to 1000 and slowed the shutter way down. After shooting a few shots I set my ISO to 6400 and was able to speed up the shutter a little bit. Shooting with available light, trying to get the laser lights to show up and get the kids playing in the smoke and lights.

This first shot was kind of fun, my youngest niece Brietta stopped and looked at the camera long enough for her face to show clearly while every thing else is blurred.

little girl playing in laser lights

Brietta in the lights F/4.5, 1/3s, ISO 1000, 10-22@22mm

This next shot is Lianna, both of them were unafraid to be shot with the camera so I took a lot of shots of them.

5 year old girl playing in lights

Lianna in the lights. F/4.5, 1/3s, ISO 1000 10-22@22mm

Mostly these shots show the play of the lights on the smoke and ground or people.

5year old girl playing in lights and smoke.

Lianna posing with lights. F/4, 1/10s, ISO 6400, 10-22@15mm

So as you can see the lights played around in the smoke and reflected around a lot so faces and other details showed up. Here are some more shots of the kids playing in the lights.

Brietta playing in the lights

Brietta playing in the lights. F/ 4.5, 1/10s, ISO 6400, 10-22@22mm

little girl with beams of lights shining around

Brietta peeking out around light beam. F/4.5, 1/10s, ISO 6400, 10-22@22mm

More Kids playing.

people watching laser lights playing around them

Group of people watching the lights. F/4, 1/4s, ISO6400, 10-22@10mm

laser lights playingon the ground and around people

More light playing on the ground around the people. F/4.5, 1/4s, ISO 6400, 10-22@20mm

People in laser lights

Kids in the lights. F/4 1/10s, ISO 6400, 10-22@10mm

night shot with laser lights and nice colors

Look at all the colors. F/4.5, 1/13s, ISO 6400, 10-22@22mm

Well, there you have it. Laser lights in pictures, the smoke helped bring out the lights and created some nice effects. As you can see I set my ISO up high and was still shooting a slow shutter speed to get the colors and details.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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